Making Wholesale Soap

Retailers, are you looking for wholesale soap?  This homemade soap comes in varieties, fragranced and unscented.  Discover the benefits of goat milk soap!

Save money with wholesale soap! 

Goat milk soap is handmade combining fresh goat milk with emollient oils, (olive, avocado...) and butters, (cocoa, shea...), with lathering oils, (palm kernel, coconut...).  It has natural vitamins A, B, C, D, E, K!   It's fragranced, with essential oils, or left unscented.  

Fresh goat milk is used for making homemade soap!  Find soap recipes!  Wholesale soap offered in mixed varieties!

The fresh goat milk in this homemade soap is all worthwhile! 

SKIN CARE:  (Goats Milk Soap)

--  Naturally moisturizing
--  Non-irritating;  mild and gentle
--  Keeps skin close to its natural pH level.
--  Has natural vitamins A, B, C, D, E and K.
--  Aids regeneration of collagen.  (reduce fine lines, wrinkles, etc..)

Make homemade soap with Spencer's Farm.  Find soap recipes!  Retailers can find wholesale soap!
Spencer's Farm makes income at home with a soap making business.  Retailers can find wholesale soap!

Make an income at home.  Own your own soap making business.  Consider offering, large order, retail customers goat milk soap at discounted pricesUse in stock soaps to fill orders.  Try to accomodate retailers at your best ability. For instance, offer cases that come in 24 count of soaps, in mixed varieties, or offer some other type of deal.

Retailers will have questions.  Make your e-mail, phone, address or other contact information easily accessible.

(There are many other goat milk soap varieties)

This homemade soap has aloe vera juice, fresh goat milk and ground oatmeal.  It soothes dry itchy skin.


Aloe vera juice & finely ground oatmeal soothes dry itchy skin.

This homemade soap has fresh goat milk and aloe vera juice.  It's unscented with no added fragrance.  It's great for sensitive skin.


Au Natural soap contains nothing but basic goat milk soap with a little aloe vera juice.  It has soothing properties. It has no added fragrance.

This homemade soap is a blend of lavender and palmarosa oils.


This soap is a blend of quality lavender oil with a tiny bit of palmarosa oil.  It has a super nice relaxing.

This homemade soap has a pop of five-fold orange oil and spearmint.  It's has an invigorating scent!


Has a tangy spearmint scent with a pop of 5-fold orange oil.

These natural bath products are healthful for skin!  No need to worry about harsh, manufactured, chemicals!  There's no parabens and no damaging sulfates in this homemade soap! 

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