Vitamin K Benefits!

Discover vitamin K benefits!   Do you have a vitamin K deficiency?  Find vitamin K foods!

Discover vitamin K benefits!

Vitamin K refers to a group of structurally similar, fat-soluble, vitamins required for protein modification and blood clotting.  Your body can store it in fat tissue and the liver.  Your body needs it to use calcium to build bones. 

Vitamin K foods include leafy green vegetables:  broccoli, spinach, kale, collards, brussels sprout, asparagus, cabbage, dark green lettuce, celery, turnip greens and parsley. 

Goat milk and cow milk have small amounts of natural vitamin K.
Discover green tea benefits!  Find green tea treatment for dark circles and puffiness under eyes!

Vitamin K is found in green tea with powerful antioxidants!  Goat milk and cow milk both contain small amounts of natural vitamin K.

Vitamin K can be found in supplements.   CAUTION!  Supplements can interact with other medications or cause side effects.  For example, vitamin K can block the effects of, blood thinning, Coumadin medication.  Vitamin K can cross the placenta and be found in breast milk. These are examples of why it's important to consult your health care provider before taking ANY kind of supplements.  At recommended doses, vitamin K has had reports of few side effects. 

A vitamin K deficiency is rare since, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center,  the bacteria in your intestines can make it.  Vitamin K deficiency can lead to excessive bleeding from the gums or nose, Gallbladder disease, Cystic fibrosis, Liver disease or Crohn's disease.


--  Helps Prevent: Hardening of Arteries, Heart Disease, Osteoporosis, Cancer
--  Helps Promote Blood Coagulation & Circulation; Initiates healing
--  Binds Calcium to Bones
--  Strengthens Capillary Walls
--  Promotes Bone Density



--   Has Anti-aging Properties
--   Provides Facial Rejuvenation
--  Aids in Reduction of:  Bruises, Broken Capillaries, Dark Under Eye Circles, Spider veins, Discoloration, Mottled Pigmentation, Puffiness Under Eyes

Do you suffer with dark circles and puffiness under eyes?  Discover vitamin K benefits!  Find vitamin K foods with skin care tips, including a green tea treatment!

Do You Suffer With Dark Under Eye Circles?  Damaged skin and poor circulation can increase the appearance of dark under eye circles.  What can you do?   Discover solutions with vitamin K foods and green tea benefits!


Oranages contain vitamin C.  Combined with vitamin K foods, it can help reduce dark circles and puffiness under eyes.
Discover vitamin K foods!  Do you have a vitamin K deficiency?  Get the vitamin K facts!
Strawberries can help lighten dark circles under eyes.  Find vitamin k foods, vitamin C foods and skin care tips!
Cabbage has vitamin K benefits!  Find other vitamin K foods!

--   Eat foods rich with vitamin C and vitamin K.  Vitamin C replenishes damaged skin cells with healthier new ones in their place.  Eat foods like:  oranges, spinach, grapefruit, broccoli, cabbage or strawberries to lighten dark under eye circles.

--  Drink plenty of water!  Water keeps your body hydrated, replenishes skin tissue, flushes out toxins and helps provide skin with a radiant glow. 

--  For temporary relief of under eye puffiness, place an ice pack on affected area for approximately 20 minutes.  CAUTION!  Do not apply frozen ice pack, directly, to skin.   This may cause skin to adhere to pack.  Cover pack with soft towel or cloth.

--  Use skin care products with, at least, 5% vitamin K.

--  Get some sleep!  The National Sleep Foundation recommends seven to eight hours of sleep a night.  Rest allows your body to recover from stress.


This treatment can help reduce dark circles and puffiness under eyes. 

Green Tea contains vitamin K!  It has anti-inflammatory properties and powerful antioxidants.  Lie down, relax and close eyes.  Place refrigerated green tea bag on area under eye, for approximately 15 minutes.  Remove green tea bag.  Continue daily treatment, as needed.


Discover more than vitamin K benefits! Find benefits of vitamins A, B, C, D and E too!  Goat milk has ALL of these vitamins in various amounts.

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