Use of Goats Milk Soap on Face

Can you use goats milk soap on the face? I've always been told not to use soap on my face. Why are your goat milk soaps different than other soaps?


I even wondered about this myself. After doing a lot of research, I learned an interesting fact about soap and skin. Most soaps are not buffered. Their pH is so far from the pH of skin that it takes your skin an average of 2 hours after being exposed to soap to return to its normal pH.

Goats milk is a buffer. That means it has a pH very close to that of human skin, so when you use soap with a high percentage of goat milk, (we use goat milk for 100% of the liquid in our soap recipes), the pH of your skin doesn’t change very much. It doesn’t take all that time to recover.

I believe that since face skin is thin and very sensitive, people came to believe all soap on the face should be avoided. After making and using goats milk soap, for over 10 years, I'm convinced that this bar soap or homemade liquid soap are fine for your face. They're even better than many other products advertised as face products.

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