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Oct 06, 2021

by: Susan

So glad you're enjoying your goat milk soap!

Aug 22, 2020
thumbs up for goat milk soap
by: NC

I have used all kinds of cleansers on my now 70 yr old face. I've used the dozens of products that today are considered non negotiable products, and not noticed much improvement on wrinkles. When I ask women I see, that have the most beautiful complexions , what they use.. it's always something so simple it's mind boggling and usually only one product. Last week , I started using goat milk soap on my face and body and olive oil for my moisturizer. I've never been happier. My face really needed that clean feeling but not where it is stripped and love the way my skin looks. I look for a bar soap that has the first ingredient being goat milk soap and very little other ingredients I can't pronounce. Here in Canada, I found Rocky Mountain soap company with its goat milk soap, and Great Canadian soap company to have such products. I will be staying with goat milk soap as my staple from now on for my face and body.

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