Thanksgiving Coloring Pages plus Fun Activities for Kids & Adults!

FREE coloring sheets!  Thanksgiving images include:  pilgrim hat, indian headdress, horn of plenty and more!  Find Thanksgiving trivia, DIY homemade crafts, Thanksgiving party games and more!

Thanksgiving coloring pages are fun activities for kids!  In addition, find fun trivia, DIY homemade crafts, fun party games and more!

These cute images were designed just for this website.  You won't find these Thanksgiving images anywhere else! 

This website is a fun place for kids and adults.  So, I've dedicated an entire section just for FREE coloring sheets!  Art images can be costly and time consuming.  So, in exchange, please post a "Like" in Facebook.  Your "Like" is appreciated!  Help to continue offering these printable coloring pages, for free!  Thanks!  :-)

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Decorate these Thanksgiving pictures!  Use them as fun party decorations, hang them around the house, frame them or give as gifts!  Laminate colorful pages to use as decorative place mats at your Thanksgiving table.  Kids can be proud of their colorful artistic creation!  Be creative!  Add ribbon, sequence, beads, bows or anything you’d like to these cute images.  Kids artistic work can be a fun topic of conversation!

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Two Pies
Large Turkey
Horn of Plenty
Indian Headdress
Pilgrim Hat and Bonnet
Home for Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids
Thanksgiving Party Games
DIY Thanksgiving Homemade Crafts

Thanksgiving coloring pages are cute images!  Find fun activities for kids and adults!  Thanksgiving trivia, fun party games, DIY homemade crafts and more!


-  In the year 1620 Pilgrims sailed from Plymouth, England to North America on a ship called the Mayflower.

-  The Wampanoag Indians taught the Pilgrims how to cultivate the land.

-  Plymouth Pilgrims shared a feast with the Wampanoag Indians.

-  The 1st Thanksgiving was celebrated in Plymouth, Massachusetts.  The celebration lasted for 3 days.

-  Thanksgiving Day is celebrated the 4th Thursday in November, in the USA.

-  The 1st Thanksgiving Macy’s Day Parade was in 1924, in NY city.

-  Two turkeys named “May” and “Flower” were granted pardon by president George W. Bush, in 2007 at the 60th annual Thanksgiving Turkey presentation in the Rose Garden of the White House.  They were flown to Orlando, FL  to serve as grand marshals in the Disney World Thanksgiving Day Parade. 

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