Sun Coloring Pages,
Fun Trivia and More!

Sun coloring pages are HOT images!  These FREE coloring sheets are original and printable!  Find sun facts and fun trivia, too!

Sun coloring pages!  These hot images were designed for this website.  You won't find them anywhere else!  This website is a fun and informational place for kids and adults.  I've dedicated an entire section just for free coloring sheets!  In addition, find fun trivia!

These sun coloring pages can be gifts from the heart.  Hang them around the house or frame them. Decorate them by gluing glitter,  sequence, ribbons or other items.  Kids can be proud of their colorful, artistic, creations!  Print these hot images, now! 

DIRECTIONS: LEFT CLICK to view. RIGHT CLICK to download & print.

Happy Sun
Sun Smiling
Sun with Glasses

The sun's energy is equal to 1 trillion megaton bombs every second!  Find more sun facts and fun trivia too!


--  The sun is a star.  It's the closest star to Earth.
--  The sun's light reaches Earth in approx. 8 minutes.
--  Solar flares are jets of particles that burst from the sun.
--  The Earth could fit inside the sun approx. 1 million times.
--  A solar eclipse is when the moon is between the Earth and the sun.
--  The sun's energy is equal to 1 trillion megaton bombs every second.

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Looking for the best sunscreen?  Avoid products with harsh, manufactured, chemicals!  Make your sunscreen at home!  Sophie shares tips and a, non-toxic, sunscreen recipe!


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