Soap Packaging Tips 
and Creative Ideas!

Soap packaging tips and creative ideas!  Do you own a soap making business?  This cold process soap is packaged in shrink wrap with shiny gold labels.
Do you make homemade soap?  Find creative packaging tips!

Discover creative soap packaging ideas and tips!  When you are in the soap making business, first impressions make a difference between a sale and no sale.  Goat milk soap is considered a “homely” soap.  You may want to package this homemade soap to resemble its nature or maybe something totally different.  Make your packaging creative!


- Display homemade soap neatly or professionally in pictures or in-person.

- Label scents of homemade soap clearly.  Homemade soap is made in many different scents or left unscented.  Clear printed labels inform quickly.    

- Display samples of homemade soap.  Make soap easily accessible. Often people want to smell scents or see if the soap is truly unscented.  Some packaging inhibits the full scent of soap.


SHRINK WRAP:  Many soap makers prefer to use shrink wrap, a special kind of poly wrap.  Its a clear material that makes soap look clean and fresh.  It allows the details of your homemade soap to show through.  Shrink wrap conforms around various shapes of soap, easily.  An attractive gold label affixed to shrink wrap can include the name of your homemade soap, your company name, logo and contact information.   

CELLOPHANE:  A pretty good soap wrapper.  It does breathe, but it yellows in color.  It's often confused with poly wrap acetate, which does not breathe.  You can't smell soap through poly wrap acetate.  Shrink wrap is a special kind of poly wrap.  Cellophane does not adhere to itself very well.  You may end up with a bunch on the backside of your soap.

SARAN WRAP:  Saran wrap differs from cellophane.  It adheres to itself when cellophane doesn’t.  You won’t have a small bunch of Saran stretch wrap on the backside of your soap if it's measured and cut to fit your bar.  Don’t pull too hard on this wrap. Avoid creases and small folds.  The adhesive factor of Saran wrap can be a pain in the neck!  Sometimes it sticks to itself before you have time to get it around your soap bars.  You may spend twice as much time trying to flatten out sticky wads of clear Saran wrap than putting it around your soap!  Practice makes perfect.  Once experienced, you’ll be wrapping your soaps quickly.  It's one of the cheapest ways to wrap soap.

Do you make homemade soap?  Do you own a soap making business?  Find creative packaging tips!

HANDMADE PAPER:  Many soap makers use this method for wrapping soaps, however there is a drawback.  When homemade soaps are in humid air, glycerin in soaps will draw moisture out of the air, even through paper, making soaps sweat.  After awhile the paper feels grimy since the beads of sweat seep through.  Instead, many soap makers slide a paper band around the bar of soap.  The band works fine for square or rectangular shapes, but it doesn’t work well on round or odd shapes.

Do you make homemade soap?  This homemade shampoo bar is packaged in a decorative box.  Find tips and creative packaging ideas!

BOXES:  Boxes, with an open area in front, are used for packaging homemade soaps.  People can easily distinguish between scented or unscented soaps.

CLOTH WRAPS:  Burlap bags with attached tags can make soap look “homely”.  It gives homemade soap a down home country appearance.  It brings attention that your soap was specially handcrafted.  Polyester wraps can also be used.  If soaps are left out in humid air, they will most likely sweat through cloth wraps, similar as they do wrapped in paper.

Jute twine is a soft, shiny, natural vegetable fiber.  It's spun into coarse threads.  It's inexpensive for creative packaging!  Combine homemade soaps!  Find tips for soap packaging!
Jute twine is inexpensive for creative packaging!  This soft, shiny, strong, natural, vegetable fiber is spun into coarse threads.  Use it to bundle homemade soaps!  Find soap packaging tips!

JUTE TWINE:   Jute is a soft, shiny, vegetable fiber spun into coarse threads.  Jute twine, cord or rope is strong yet among one of the cheapest natural fibers.  Tie the rope in a knot or make a cute bow.  Wrap one bar or small bundle of soaps.  Attach a label.  This packaging gives the appearance of homely soap with high quality.  No need to worry of soap sweat seeping through. 

NO WRAP:  Find homemade soaps with no wrap at all.  Many farmers markets display homemade soaps this way.  These soaps are cheaper to make and sell.  Attach label name to soap.


- Melt and Pour homemade soap MUST be wrapped to prevent soap from sweating.  The glycerin in this soap will draw moisture out of the air, if left unwrapped, leaving little water beds on the soap.

-  Add buttons, bows, ribbons, lace, sequence, beads, a favorite quote, logo, symbol or anything you’d like to your packaging.

-  When you’re making labels use unique shapes. For example, goat milk soap may have a label made in the shape of a goat.  Use attractive, colorful, shiny sticker labels that draws attention to your soap from other retailers.  Print company name and contact information on label, clearly.

-  Make your soap packaging neat, creative and pleasantly eye catching.  Appealing packaging can make the difference between a sale and no sale.  Make original and unique creative packaging!

Looking for other creative bath products?  Package your products as homemade gifts, personalize, add homemade recipes, package according to themes.  Find more creative packaging tips and ideas!

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