Soap Packaging - Soap Candy


Materials: Candy cane wrapping paper. White ribbon.

How To Package: Wrap soap in candy cane wrapping paper. Gather paper at each end of soap. Tie white ribbons around each gathered end.

I have a sweet tooth so my creative soap packaging entry had to be about candy! I suppose you could substitute any colorful wrap to make any candy theme. Place them in a large bowl, imitating an over-sized candy dish. Just make sure no one takes a bite out of this kind of candy! You could also attach a popsicle stick to a bar of soap, imitating candy, like a lollipop.

There are so many colorful soaps, you could wrap clear cellophane wrap around the soap and let the color show through the wrap. Lavender soap would be purple, Peppermint soap may have speckles of red, Orange soap -- orange and so on. Soap candies can be a conversation centerpiece or just decorative art to display.

Depending on the shape of your soap may help you decide on the type of candy to display. Half round, colorful, soap could imitate gumdrops. Round dark colored soaps may imitate chocolate malt balls. Carved edge variations could imitate assortments in a jar. There are lots of ways you can imitate candy with soap!

At first, I didn't know if I could think of a soap packaging idea. So, I just looked around my house. My candy dish was my inspiration! I just used things around my house to send in this entry.

This soap packaging contest has been a fun creative project. It's really very easy. Looking forward to seeing other fun soap packaging creations!

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