Soap Making Instructions!

Looking for soap making instructions?  Learn how to make soap with Spencer's Farm!  Soap recipes!  Soap making supplies!  Soap making classes!

Learn how to make soap!  Homemade soap differs from ordinary soap.  This natural goat milk soap is nourishing for skin!

Spencer’s Farm has taught soap making instructions through the years.  There are lots of ways to learn how to make soap. Find classes, public demonstrations, online soap making recipes and other ways.

Spencer’s Farm specialized in making goat milk soap.  This homemade soap differs from ordinary soap.  It contains the key ingredient, fresh goat milk.  Goat milk has natural vitamins A. B, C, D, E and K!  It has moisture attracting properties.  It’s a buffer that leaves skin very close to its natural pH level. 

Goat milk soaps are formulated with a combination of emollient oils, (like olive and avocado), butters, (like cocoa and shea), with lathering oils, (like coconut or palm kernel).  Fragrances are added using diluted essential oils.  Some soaps may be left unscented, with no fragrance added at all. 

Homemade soap differs from ordinary soap.  Learn how to make soap with Spencer's Farm!  Find soap making classes, soap recipes, soap making supplies and more!

Why make homemade soap?  It’s the ingredients that make all the difference!  Most commercial soaps contain harsh, manufactured, chemicals that can cause skin irritation or sensitivities.  Cheap oils and harsh solvents cause antioxidants to be stripped away, leaving skin more vulnerable for free radical generation.  When this happens, skin appears to age faster.  Fine lines, dark spots, discolorations and uneven skin tone may emerge.  When you make your own homemade soap, you know exactly what it’s in it!  There’s no need to worry about harsh chemicals or damaging skin.

Learn how to make soap with Spencer's Farm!  Follow soap recipes!  Discover the best soap making supplies!  Find "hands on" soap making classes!

Spencer’s Farm has been in the soap making business over 15 years.  They have helped many people just like you.  Some of their students have gone on to earn income at home with their own soap making business. 

"Hands on" group classes were taught on different levels and/or methods:  Beginner, Advanced, Cold Process, Hot Process, Melt and Pour.  In addition there were classes for making homemade lotion! 

Find soap making instructions at community demonstrations!  Sydne Spencer makes hot process soap in an oven roaster.  Learn how to make soap with Spencer's Farm!
Sydne Spencer teaches soap making classes!   Learn how to make soap with Spencer's Farm!

(Soap Making Instructions)

Sydne Spencer held soap making demonstrations in local communities.  She was in Tullahoma, AL making hot process soap in a roaster oven. 


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