Soap Making Equipment!

Learn how to make soap!  Use the best soap making equipment!  Save time!  A roaster oven, soap cutter, immersion blender, potato peeler, soap making molds and soap making kit are some examples.

Choose the best soap making equipment for making soap.  It will save you time, money and energy in the long run.

It can make the difference between a good batch of soap and a batch that flops. 

There is a process to making goats milk soap.  Learn how to make soap, safely.  Find tips for making homemade soap!

SOAP MAKING EQUIPMENT - (In Alphabetical Order)


Crock pots are in various shapes and sizes.  There's a tip for using the best crock pot when making soap.  Do you know what that is?  Get the crock pot facts!


Drying racks are made from various materials:  wood, stainless steel, heavy plastic or plastic coated metal.  CAUTION!  Do NOT use regular metal racks or pans!  Drying racks MUST be air-ventilated for curing soap. 


Find characteristics of the best immersion blender for making homemade soap.  Stop hand stirring for hours!  Save time and energy!


A simple potato peeler is used for making homemade soap.  Learn tips!


Roaster ovens come in various shapes and sizes.  This kitchen appliance is used for cooking, baking or steaming.  It holds large amounts of meats or vegetables.  Use it for hot process soap making!  Find tips, now!


Soap cutters come in various shapes and sizes.  Discover the ones that will save you time, money and energy.  Learn tips for using cutters to improve the appearance of your homemade soap.


Soaping kits come in different types:  "Made from Scratch", "Melt and Pour" and "No Melt and No Mix".  They're designed for appropriate ages, between adults and children.  Discover the best soaping kit(s) for you!


Soap molds come in various shapes and sizes.  They're made from different materials including:  wood, plastic, acrylic, silicone.  Some homemade molds are made from household items.  Discover how to find the right soaping mold and cautions to heed.


Stainless steel or porcelain pots can be found online or in any major department store.  Just look in the Kitchen areas!  A deep, wide, stock pot will hold more soap mixture.  Do not purchase a pot too small or too shallow.  These stock pots are, easily, cleaned.


Wooden spoons are in different shapes and sizes.  A long handled spoon is best for making homemade soap.  It helps protect the skin from hot popping soap bubbles.  A 16" handle spoon is easy to control for stirring.  Use a spoon that fits comfortably in your hand.  An 18" spoon is available but this long handled spoon may seem too long and a little awkward.

Learn how to make soap with soap recipes  Find soap packaging tips!

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