Snake Coloring Pages, Tips and Fun Activities for Kids & Adults

Find snake coloring pages!  These snake pictures were designed for this website, only. You won’t find these cool images anywhere else! Use these snake pictures as: party decorations, frame them or give as gifts! Kids can be proud of their colorful creations! This website is a fun, educational and informational site for kids and adults. So, I've dedicated an entire section just for FREE coloring sheets!  Also, find fun trivia!  Watch a cartoon snake, “Jake the Snake”.  Learn how to draw a snake! 

Learn the pros and cons of having garden snakes in your yard.

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Winding Snake
Snake and Flower
Snake Standing Up
Snake and Mushrooms


-  Snakes do not have eyelids.
-  Snake skin is smooth and dry.
-  There are 3,100 snake species.
-  Snakes smell with their tongue.
-  Snakes are carnivores (meat eaters).
-  Snakes have internal ears, not external.
-  Snakes hibernate underground in the Winter.
-  Boas and pythons are non-venomous snakes.
-  The fastest snake in the world is the black Mamba.
-  The heaviest snake is the anaconda, about 25 ft long.
-  A snake can eat prey 3 times bigger than their mouths.
-  Largest snake is the reticulated python, about 30 ft. long.
-  Snakes are on every continent in the world, except Antarctica.
-  Dangerous snakes:  cobras, mambas, taipans, adders, rattlesnakes.

GARDEN SNAKES - (Pros and Cons)

Most gardeners don’t see garden snakes because they blend in with the environment.  You’ll know their presence from leftover discarded skins. 

Garden snakes eat slugs, Japanese beetles and small rodents that feed on vegetables or flowers.  They will eat whatever insects are available and will depart when the garden food is gone.

Never approach or tamper with ANY snakes.  They may be poisonous.  They will bite if, accidentally, disturbed or they don’t have an easy way out.   To remove snakes from your yard, consider using a pest removal service.

The Garter snake is the most common garden snake.  It's non-poisonous.  It loves ponds, forests, fields and yards.  It commonly has three yellow horizontal stripes.  It eats earthworms, frogs and fish.  It hides when afraid.

Gopher snakes are burrowing snakes.  They’re non-poisonous and often mistaken for rattlesnakes.  They eat small animals, like gophers.  They can slither on the ground or in trees.




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