Sea Theme Soap Packaging For Hand Made Oatmeal and Coconut Fibre Scrub.

by Annie
(Tasmania, Australia)

Sea Theme Soap Packaging

Sea Theme Soap Packaging

I chose to nestle my hand made oatmeal and coconut fibre scrub soap into a blue glass bowl of tiny shells for my soap packaging. I tied the soap with raffia as it seemed to fit the natural theme, and threaded a tiny sea egg shell onto it.

I then nestled the glass bowl inside a wooden box. The box does have a lid, however, I realized this kind of soap packaging would be hopeless to transport anywhere, or even to give as a gift as the shells would fall out!

I guess the bowl could be shrink wrapped, but then I always think plastic looks awful on natural looking soaps. I love when I can pick up a soap and smell it, or feel it. I also like the idea of using less packaging - taking care of the environment more (so my glass bowl and box is extreme!)

I had fun doing this, I thought at first it would be quite hard and I would have to go and buy a box or something, but I wandered around the house and just got inspired with things I had on hand.

I used to make hand made soaps with my grandmother, and have lovely memories of her sun-room, where she spread soap along the windowsill to dry. Her house always smelled heavenly.

She used to give hand made soaps as gifts, and her soap packaging was amazing! She would wrap them in a hand made tray cloth and tie them with ribbon. I wish I had a photo of hers, she always matched the color of the soap with the tray cloth, and would embroider a tiny flower in the corner to say what kind of soap it was. The corner would be folded back in the center of the wrapped soap, so you could see the embroidery. It is really hard to describe!

She used all sorts of things to scent the soaps, rose petals, geranium, lavender, orange or lemon rind, and then also spices. And always natural of course.

I forgot to put a label beside my soap packaging when I took the photo, so I wrote the name on afterward!

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