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These science lessons share tips and soap making information!

Find a science experiment, science trivia and other fun activities for kids and adults!  Discover how to make soap!


--  When making soap, from scratch, familiarize yourself with science definitions or terms.  This will help you understand the soap making process better.  Many people use the science definitions guide as a reference tool, especially if you're a beginner at making soap.   

--  The Science Facts page tells how Great Grandma's homemade soap is different than modern day soap.  Learn how homemade soap is formed.

--  When making soap keep all potentially hazardous material away from children and pets.  Some of these materials may include:  lye, essential oils, soap cutters, electric appliances or sharp knives.

Essential oils are concentrated oils of a plant.  They carry a distinctive fragrance or "essence" from the object from which they were extracted; plant, leaves, flower or peel. 

CAUTION!  Essential oils can be potent!  They should be repeated and used with care!  Never use them without knowing what their bioactive compounds are known to do.  Learn all about essential oils before using.  There are many essential oil uses.

Lye is used for making soap from scratch.  CAUTION!  Lye can produce, painful, burns if it contacts the skin! Wear safety gloves, goggles and protective shoes, at all times, when handling lye. If you happen to spill lye, it can be neutralized with vinegar. Wipe down all areas, thoroughly, to make sure all lye is completely neutralized. Clean all soap making equipment with soap and water, thoroughly, to get rid of any lye residue.

--  A stick blender is used for blending ingredients to save time and energy of hand stirring with a spoon.  A roaster oven is used for hot process soap making.  Unplug soap making appliances when not in use.  Keep them away from children.  After use wash, clean and dry them well.  Remove residue.

--  Learn how to make soap!  Find proven homemade soap recipes! 


SCIENCE EXPERIMENT - (Making Homemade Soap)
HOMEMADE BUBBLES - (Bubble Games and Bubble Toys)
SCIENCE TRIVIA QUESTIONS-  (Answers are given after you play.)

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