Hair and Scalp Conditions! Natural Homemade Shampoo!

Do you have poor hair or scalp conditions?  Dry itchy scalp?  Eczema?  Dandruff?  Malassezia?  Seborrhea?  Discover causes and treatments now!  Find a natural homemade shampoo!

Poor hair and scalp conditions can be miserable.  There are various causes and treatments.  Conditions can be common among adults or children and range from mild to severe.  Contact your health care provider, if needed. 

Discover causes and treatments for:  contact dermatitis, dandruff, eczema, hair loss, head lice, malassezia, psoriasis, ringworm and seborrhea.

Find a homemade shampoo with mild and gentle, natural, ingredients!

HAIR/SCALP CONDITIONS - (Causes and Treatments)

Contact Dermatitis is a localized rash.  The scalp can be irritated, dry and itchy.  Discover causes and treatments for scalp conditions.

CONTACT DERMATITIS:  Type of eczema and localized rash due contact or close proximity to an allergen or irritant.  Scalp is irritated, itchy, dry.

CAUSE: May be caused by harsh, manufactured, chemicals.  May be caused by touching an allergy triggering substance.

TREATMENT:  Shampoo with natural, gentle, ingredients soothing and moisturizing for scalp.  Avoid contact with irritant or allergy trigger.

Dandruff is white flakes shed on the head, neck and shoulders.  Discover dandruff causes and treatments.  Get rid of dandruff!

DANDRUFF:  White flakes shed on the head, neck or shoulders. 

CAUSE:  Eczema, fungal infection, hormonal or seasonal changes, harsh chemicals in shampoos that excessively dry out the scalp. 

TREATMENT:  Anti-dandruff shampoo, moisturizing shampoo, shampoo with natural/gentle ingredients.  Avoid cold, dry, air.

Eczema can irritate and inflame skin. Itchiness, redness and scaling can occur.  Learn about treating eczema.

ECZEMA:  Skin is inflamed and irritated.  Itching, scaling, redness, cracking, and fluid filled blisters can occur.  May flare up and cause severe symptoms or be a chronic problem with less intense symptoms.  Often affects face, hands, feet, inner elbows and back of knees.

CAUSE:  Immune system triggers growth of too many skin cells.  Occurs on various parts of body. 

TREATMENT:  For treating eczema, avoid skin irritants including:  harsh soaps, rough clothing, household chemicals.  Lubricate and moisturize skin.  Use gentle soaps, creams and ointments.  Natural, unscented, goat milk soap is a common favorite homemade soap.


Discover the causes of hair loss!  Learn ways of treating hair loss!  Improve hair and scalp conditions!

HAIR LOSS:  Most common scalp problem. 

CAUSES:  There are various causes of hair loss.  Heredity is most common cause.  Hair gradually thins with age.  Most people lose from 50 to 100 hairs everyday.  Damage to hair follicles from hot curlers, curling irons or blow dryers, dyes and permanents.  High fever, physical or emotional stress or recent surgery.  Side effects from medicines or medical treatments. Poor nutrition, with lack of protein and iron.  Damage to hair shaft from burns or other injuries.

TREATMENTS:  Use mild and gentle shampoos, with natural ingredients.  Eat a balanced meal, improve nutritional intake of protein and iron.  Ask physician for advice concerning illness, fever, medicines and side affects.  Let hair air dry, do not towel dry briskly.  Keep away form hot curlers or curling irons or blow driers.  Turn temperatures down to low or cool blow dry.  Relax and reduce stress.  Hair replacement techniques.  Improve hair and scalp conditions.

Head lice causes poor hair and scalp conditions.  It's usually found in school age children.  Learn treatments for head lice.

HEAD LICE: Raw patches seen on scalp.  Adult is the size of a sesame seed.  Usually found in school age children.

CAUSE:  Insect that attaches itself to hair near scalp. Can lay eggs.

  Treat as soon as possible.  Medicated shampoos.  Comb hair with fine toothed comb.  Avoid contact with others with lice, until fully treated.  Treatment depends on type of infestation.  Seek physician advice.

Malassezia is a form of dandruff!  Discover causes and treatments.  Get rid of dandruff!  Improve scalp conditions!

MALASSEZIA:  A form of dandruff.  Common fungus that lives on adult scalp without causing problems.

CAUSE:  Theory suggests that immune system of someone with dandruff may overreact to this fungus. 

TREATMENT:  A shampoo containing tea tree, peppermint or Neem oil helps control this dandruff.

Psoriasis is a chronic skin problem.  Discover psoriasis causes.  There are various ways of treating psoriasis.

PSORIASIS:  A chronic skin problem.

CAUSE:  Skin cells grow too quickly, forming thick, white, silvery, or red patches.  Most often found on knees, elbows, scalp, tailbone and back.  Non-contagious.  Tends to be hereditary.  Can slightly burn or itch.

TREATMENT:  Variety of controlling treatments.  Seek advice from your professional health care provider.

Ringworm is a circular rash pattern.  Discover ringworm causes.  Ringworm treatment can be prescribed anti-fungal medicine or special shampoos.  Improve poor scalp conditions!

RINGWORM:  A circular rash pattern on the outer layer of the scalp and in hair. Rash spreads from edges leaving the center clear.  Contagious.  Can be spread easily to people, objects and animals.

CAUSE:  A fungal infection.  It is not caused by a worm.

For ringworm treatment use prescribed anti-fungal medicine and special shampoos.

Seborrhea is a form of eczema.  The pH level of the scalp vs. the pH level of shampoo can contribute to its severity.  Learn how to improve poor scalp conditions!

SEBORRHEA:  A form of eczema.  

CAUSE:  Skin glands producing too many oily secretions.  A reddish rash with yellow crusts appear on body parts, including the scalp.  The pH level of the scalp vs. the pH level of shampoo can contribute to the severity and increase poor scalp conditions.

TREATMENT:  Find gentle, natural, shampoo that protects against scalp build-up.  Find a shampoo gentle for those with skin sensitivities.

Some claim this homemade shampoo is the best shampoo!  Discover natural ingredients for beautiful hair!  Paraben-free with no damaging sulfates!  Get rid of dandruff!  Improve scalp conditions!

Spencer’s Farm handcrafts a homemade shampoo with natural and gentle ingredients.  It’s handcrafted with a long-lasting formula.  Save money since no added conditioners are needed.  Healthful for the hair AND scalp! This shampoo bar comes in 5.5 ounce size.

It's paraben-free with NO damaging sulfates!  Avoid harsh chemicals!  Improve your scalp conditions!  Get rid of dandruff and dry flaky scalp.  Protect against scalp build-up.  Soften, add shine, silken, repair split ends.  Reveal the natural beauty of hair.

The shampoo bar form allows for easy storage, especially when traveling.  There's no need to worry about spills! 

This homemade shampoo bar can be formulated, specifically, for people with sensitivities.  Some claim it’s the BEST shampoo around! 

 - (By Spencer's Farm)

-- SAPONIFIED OILS:  (Olive, Coconut, Babassu, Castor):  Moisturizing, Softening, Soothing

-- GOAT MILK:  Leaves leaves skin very close to its natural pH.  Mild, gentle, nourishing for skin, hair and scalp!  Vitamins A, B, C, D, E and K!

-- BEER:  Enhances a beautiful shine to hair.

-- FRAGRANCE:  Varies.  Some shampoos are unscented, with with no added fragrance.

-- HYDROLYZED SILK PROTEIN:  Retains moisture and entraps oil; it enhances hair shine.  Imparts a satiny feel

-- DL-PANTHENOL (Pro vitamin B):  Natural moisturizer used to prevent hair damage by overheating and over drying. It conditions hair without build-up and reduces damage from split ends.

-- SUGAR:  All sugars, natural and refined, are wonderful conditioners for skin and hair.

-- OAT PROTEIN:  Adds strength and shine to hair.

Discover more homemade skin care tips, solutions and recipes, now!

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