All About Safflower Oil!

Safflower oil is extracted from the seeds of a, thistle-like, annual called a safflower.  This natural oil can lower LDL, (bad cholesterol),  soothe dry flaky skin, reduce inflammation and more!

Safflower oil is extracted from the seeds of a, thistle-like, annual with bright yellow, orange or red flowers, called a safflower. 

It's nutritionally similar to sunflower oil, colorless, flavorless having a very light texture.  It has a high source of polyunsaturated fats, omega 6 fatty acids and vitamin E!  It's used for food production, as cooking oil. It's found in salad dressings, margarines and other foods.

It's used for skin care in various ways!  Soothe dry flaky skin!  Use as an overall body moisturizer.  Protect against sun damage.  It's a natural sunscreen!  Relieve sore bruises or swollen areas.  It's a natural anti-inflammatory!  Use for soothing massages.  This natural oil is in cosmetics, soaps, lotions, creams, bath oils, lip balms and more!  

EXTRACTION METHODS: (Chemical vs. Mechanical)

CHEMICAL:  In the chemical process, chemicals are added into the oil in order to refine it. This process eliminates essential nutrients in the oil and contaminates it with some harmful chemicals. This can cause negative effects on the body, when consumed.

MECHANICAL:  During the mechanical process there are no chemicals injected into the oil. Instead, the oil is cold expeller pressed. This method is much better than the chemical process, since the natural ingredients are retained in the oil.


Lower Blood Sugar
Eliminate Excess Body Fat
Strengthen Cell Membranes
Strengthen Immune System
Lower LDL, (bad cholesterol)
Help Maintain Regular Menstrual Cycles



Unclog Pores
Reduce Inflammation
Fade Acne Scars, Wrinkles and Fine Lines
Relieve Bruises, Minor Irritations, Acne, Dry Skin

Unclog pores, relieve acne and fade acne scars with Safflower oil!   Find skin care tips and a homemade face mask!
Protect skin against sun damage with Safflower oil!  It's a natural sunscreen and anti-inflammatory!
Relieve bruises, sore and swollen skin with Safflower oil!  It's a natural anti-inflammatory!


-- Relieve Acne

-- Moisturize Dry Flaky Skin

-- Protect against Sun UV Rays

-- Relieve Bruises & Inflammation

-- Fade Acne Scars, Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Safflower oil is a natural sunscreen, blocking out about 20% of sun UV rays.  Moisturize dry flaky skin.  Apply to areas that may be sore or swollen like bruises or sprains.  It's a natural anti-inflammatory.  Unclog pores and relieve acne.  Improve skin's overall appearance.  This natural oil penetrates skin, easily, due to its light texture.

HOMEMADE FACE MASK RECIPE:  Wash face.  Pat dry.  Mix 10 - 18 drops of pure safflower oil with one ounce of pure grape seed oil.  Apply a few drops of mixture to face.  Spread over face evenly.  Avoid sensitive areas like eyes, ears, nose and mouth.

CAUTION!  If you experience any discomfort or irritation, discontinue use immediately.  Consult your health care provider, if needed.


Use organic ingredients for best results.
Mix small amount of ingredients, as needed, to use at once.
Store recipe mixture in dark glass bottle.  Keep in cool, dry, dark, place. 
Safflower can go rancid quickly.  Refrigerate oil after opening.

Use Safflower oil in soap making recipes!  Find tips for making homemade soap and homemade soap recipe!


Safflower oil is wonderful for making homemade soap!  It's an excellent mild, moisturizing, agent.  It has skin softening and conditioning properties.  It should be used in combination with other soap making oils, such as coconut or palm oil.  Use as a portion, at approx. 5% to 15%, in your soap making recipes. There's no need to use a high percentage of this oil.  It's a fairly inexpensive oil to manufacture.

SHELF LIFE & STORING:  CAUTION!  This natural oil has a limited shelf life.  It can go rancid quickly.  It may last three months, after opening.  It may last two years, if unopened.  To extend its shelf life mix it with another carrier oil, with good antioxidants.  Store it out of direct sunlight in a cool, dark, dry location.  Refrigerate after opening.

NaOH .135 oz. and KOH: .190 oz.

(Yields approx. 24 bars of soap, slightly over 2.75 oz. size)

SOAP MOLD SIZE:   12" x 11" with inside 1" deep
or try using a log mold 12" x 3.5" with inside 3" deep.

Castor Oil....10 oz.
Coconut Oil....10 oz.
Corn Oil...6 oz.
Grape Seed Oil.... 2 oz.
Olive Oil....10 oz.
Safflower Oil...6 oz.
Sunflower Oil....6 oz.
Lye..... Between 6.62 oz. - 6.83 oz. 
Slightly thawed, frozen, small goat milk chunks... 19 oz.

When this soap recipe is made by the cold process method allow soap to cure 3 to 4 weeks, minimum, before using.  When made by the hot process method, there's no mandatory curing time.

WARNING: Always add your solid form lye, sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide, to the liquid. If the liquid were added to the solid form lye a violent reaction could result. This means, you could have a "volcano" erupt out of your container!


Looking for another specialty or soap making oil?  Find it now?

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