Looking for a Roaster Oven?

Find a roaster oven for making homemade soap!  CAUTION!   Hot process soap making can be dangerous!  Learn how to make soap, safely.  Find soap making recipes and tips!

A roaster oven is a very convenient appliance.  It's used to cook, bake or steam large amounts of meats or vegetables.  Many people use it for cooking a Thanksgiving turkey. 

There are other ways to use it, though.  Some people use it for making homemade soap!  This appliance comes in different sizes, shapes, styles, colors and brands.  There are advantages of using it!

A roaster oven is smaller than a conventional oven.  It preheats faster, cooks fast, cost less and uses less energy than a conventional oven.  It sits nicely on a counter top and can be removed after use.

Some people use it as a second oven for large groups or gatherings.  It's especially handy around the holidays.  Take it camping, store it in an RV, take it to parties, socials or other gatherings.  Its size makes it very convenient for entertaining family and friends.

Some ovens have see-thru lids or covers, which makes it convenient to watch foods as they're cooking.  They have lift out racks and removable pans.  Some have rotisseries.  They have an adjustable temperature control, (dial or electronic touch), to set for cooking perfection.  A power indicator and signal light indicates whether it's on or off and when to place the contents inside.  Cool touch handles are a nice safety feature to keep from burning your hands.  A non-stick interior makes clean-up quicker when you're on the go!


Making homemade soap is fun with the proper soap making equipment.  Find tips and soap making recipes!

When you're making homemade soap, use an oven twice the size of the contents you are fixing.  These ovens use lower wattage than a conventional oven, so pre-heating will take a little longer.  After it's pre-heated its contents cooks at the same speed as in a regular conventional oven.

CAUTION!  Hot process soap making can be dangerous!  This soap maker uses safety precautions, cooking with a hot roaster oven.  Find soap making recipes and tips!

This soap maker uses a roaster oven for hot process soap making.  Notice the precautions she is using from hot popping bubbly soap and from the hot oven.  She is wearing gloves to protect her arms and hands.  She is wearing a smock to protect her clothes.  She is using a long handle wooden spoon to stir her soap mixture.  These ovens cook from the bottom and sides.  They're unlike pans that heat from the bottom, placed on a stove top.  You must watch your homemade soap, closely, while cooking in a roaster oven.  Never leave it unattended.  Mix or stir your soap, periodically, to prevent scorching or over cooked soap.

After using the oven, turn it off and unplug.  Let cool.  Clean inside and outside the oven with soap and water.  Read the cleaning instruction manual.  CAUTION!  Do not get the power cord wet!  Do not put the oven in the dishwasher, but only its dishwasher safe removable parts.  Make sure it's completely cool before storing.  Some people leave it out on their countertop.

Use common sense and safety precautions when cooking your hot process soap making recipes!  Learn how to make soap by using the proper soap making equipment  Save time and energy.  Happy soaping!

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