Soaping with a Potato Peeler!

A potato peeler is used for making homemade soap!  This nifty little soap cutter improves appearance of soaps!  Proper soap making equipment saves time and energy!  Find soap recipes!

A potato peeler is a simple kitchen tool used for food preparation.  If you cook potato recipes you already know all about peelers.  Peelers can be used on other fruits or vegetables too. 

Peelers come in different kinds, shapes and sizes.  They're hand held, countertop, manual and electric.  Most people use them for food preparation, but others use them as soap making equipment!

CAUTION!  The blades on peelers are sharp!  If you're not careful you could cut your fingers or hands.  Be wise. Choose a peeler that fits comfortably in your hands.


This counter top potato peeler uses a manual hand crank.

Counter top peelers use a manual hand crank to rotate a fixed potato along a sharp edge.  Some prefer this gadget for ease of operation.  Your hands are not around sharp blades.  Some may be cumbersome on counter tops.

Electric peelers work quickly.  A push of a button adjust to thickness, shapes and textures of different foods. See-thru lids allow you to watch peeling process.  Some are rechargeable, so keep batteries handy.  Electric peelers peel large amounts foods.

Homemade soap has a polished look using a soap cutter.  Add a potato peeler to your soap making equipment!  Find homemade soap recipes!


A hand held potato peeler can improve the appearance and feel of your soap.  Homemade soap has rough, sharp or ragged edges.  Glide this nifty little tool around the edges of your soap for a smooth, comfortable, look and feel.  This soap cutter allows homemade soap to have a completed, polished, appearance. If you're in the soap making business, this simple tool can improve soap appearance, dramatically!  The detailed, polished, look and feel of your soaps will probably be more appealing to most customers.  The smoother edges allow a more comfortable hand holding experience.

Hand held peelers are less costly, available in shapes, sizes and colors.  They have sharp stainless steel blades.  Some blades swivel for easy gliding along uneven surfaces. They have slender or wide handles.  Most of them are dishwasher safe, convenient to use and store.  This nifty little soap cutter is economical. After peeling the edges of soap, don't throw away the shavings!  Re-batch the shavings to make another bar of homemade soap! 

Using the proper soap making equipment saves time and energy!
If you'd like, try some homemade soap recipes!  Happy soaping!

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