Do You Want a Pet Goat?

Do you want a pet goat?  Alpine goats are hearty, curious and friendly animals.  Find goat care basics, animal trivia and tips for raising goats!  Share your goat pictures, now!

A pet goat is a farm fun animal!  Most dairy goat owners will tell you that no animal is more cute or friendly. 

Goats can be just like other pets.  They need room to roam and play.  They need proper care including:   shelter, food, water and any medical needs addressed.  They enjoy the companionship of people and other animals. This Alpine goat, (shown right), is easily trained, with a good memory and bonds with its owner.

Goat milk differs from cow milk.  Do you know how?  Discover the difference, now!  Goat milk is a major source of milk worldwide!

Dairy goats produce delicious milk. Goat milk differs from cow milk.  It's white in color compared to cow milk, which is more yellow.  It's filled with natural vitamins A, B, C, D, E and K! It has up to 47% more vitamin A, about 25% more vitamin B6 and more than 350% more vitamin B3 than cow milk!  It's easier to digest than cow milk. It's naturally homogenized with smaller fat globules. It can be drunk by people who are allergic to cow milk, but it does contain lactose, so it's not for the lactose intolerant.

Goat milk is versatile.  Drink it alone or make cheese, ice cream, yogurt, smoothies, butter, bread, soups and other tasty foods!  Goat milk can be used to make almost all dairy products associated with cow milk. Make an assortment of homemade beauty products:  soaps, lotions, shampoos or creams.  Goats milk has benefits for the body, skin, hair and scalp!


Do you want a pet goat?  Alpine goats have good memories.  They can be, easily, trained.  These friendly animals can bond with their owners.  Find animal trivia and other dairy goat breeds!


Alpine goats are hearty, curious, friendly and adaptable animals. The male and female have mostly short hair.  They stand approx. 30" tall with superior agility and a perfect sense of balance.  They have a wide range of colors:  white, brown, black, grey, red, buff and fawn in solids, two-tone or broken patterns.  They're very instinctive on a trail.  They have good memories, are easily trained and can bond with their owners. They produce high volumes of milk. Their average lifespan is 15 - 18 years and 20 plus is not uncommon.

Do you want a pet goat?  Baby goats are cute pets!  This Alpine goat plays "Peek-a-Boo".  Find animal trivia and more!

Baby goats are cute pets.  This baby Alpine plays "Peek-a-Boo".

Do you want a pet goat?  Saanen goats are, mostly, calm and mild mannered.  Find tips and goat care basics!  Watch a fun video!  Submit your goat pictures, now!


Saanen goats are mostly calm and mild mannered, but they can show pep in their personality.  They're the largest of all dairy goat breeds, weighing about 145 pounds, standing 30 to 40 inches tall.  Their hair is mostly short with a just a fringe of longer hair over the spine or thighs.  They're white or cream in color, with some having spots.  They're sensitive to excessive sunlight and susceptible to sunburns or skin cancer. They produce large volumes of milk, consistently. Their common lifespan is about 15 years.

Do you want a pet goat?  Baby goats are cute pets! These farm fun animals play, "King of the Hill".  Watch fun videos!

These Saanen baby goats play "King of the Hill".  They're cute pets.

This Saanen pet goat and owner share a fun day together!

Do you want a pet goat?  Nigerian Dwarf goats are gentle and playful.  They're lovable pets and easily trained.  Watch baby goats videos!  Find animal trivia, tips and goat care basics!


Nigerian Dwarf goats are calm, even-tempered, gentle and playful.  They're lovable pets especially for children, the disabled or elderly.  They're easily trained.  They stand less than 2 feet tall and can weigh 75 pounds. They're coat is soft with short to medium hair. They're available in assorted colors and patterns. They enjoy the companionship of people and other animals.  They share pastures peacefully with cattle, horses, llamas and donkeys.  They can produce up to 2 quarts of milk per day.  Their milk has a sweet taste due to high butterfat content.  Their milk is higher in protein than from most dairy goats.



- Goats do not like to get wet.
- Goats are sensitive to drafts.
- There are over 300 goat breeds.
- Goats like to roam and move about freely.
- Most goats have horns. Some are hornless.
- Goats milk is a major source of milk worldwide.
- Goats will not eat soiled food or contaminated water.
- Goats can be trained to walk on a leash or pull a cart.
- Goats eat tips of woody shrubs, tress or broad leaf plants.

Do you love your pet goat?  Share your goat pictures!  Find animal trivia!  Watch fun videos!

Most pet owners love their animals!  Do you own a pet goat?  Submit your goat pictures, now!  Tell your story!

Discover pet care information.  Learn the goat care basics!

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