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Baby goats are cute pets!  Find pet care information!
Find pet care information with cute images!  Tips for grooming pets!  Find pet supplies and more!
Pet care information with cute images!  Tips for grooming pets!  Natural goat milk soap can be the best dog shampoo!

Discover pet care information with cute images.  Learn basic tips for taking care of dogs, cats and goats.  Most people don’t realize that goats can be great pets!  A pet goat can be housebroken just like other animals.  Baby goats are cute pets!  Goats can be trained to walk on leash or pull carts.  Goat milk is a major source of milk worldwide. 

Find pet care information, with cute images!  Tips for bathing and grooming pets!  Pet supplies!


When it comes to most animals, bathing and grooming are basic needs.  When you feel clean you just feel better, this goes for animals too.  Some may not like the bathing or grooming process, but soon after most are happier.

Bathing keeps away dirt, grime, unwanted pests like ticks or fleas.  It keeps their skin/hair healthy and can affect their overall health.  Ticks and fleas can make an animal miserable. 

Not every pet shampoo on the market is a good choice.  A shampoo made with, harsh, ingredients can aggravate skin and cause poor skin conditions like:  dryness, flakiness, redness, inflammation, itchiness, etc…  Harsh soaps can cause build up of residue on skin.  You may not notice build-up for quite awhile. 

Important pet care information!   Is your dog scratching itself?  Your pet shampoo may contain harsh chemicals.  Discover a mild, natural, alternative.  Some say it's the best dog shampoo around!

Your animal may appear to have dandruff.  Signs of discomfort are demonstrated by panting, drinking excessive water, scratching or biting at itself.  Left untreated, serious health conditions could arise.  It could even be fatal.  When residue clumps together, attaching itself to the skin underneath layers of hair, it blocks skin’s pores.  Skin is unable to breath freely.  Body temperature rises and overheats.  Animals could have a heat stroke. 

Natural goat milk soap, with no added fragrance, can be the best shampoo for pets!  Discover tips for grooming pets!

The best shampoo for pets is mild and gentle, with natural ingredients.  An unscented goat milk soap, with no added fragrance, is an excellent choice.  It soothes and moisturizes skin.  Add natural shine and softness to hair.  It doesn't cause build-up, but protects against it.  Goat milk soap is a natural flea repellent. No need for harsh sprays.  It's gentle for pregnant and seizure prone animals.  Some say it's the best dog shampoo around!

Pet care information with cute images!

CAUTION!  Cats should never use any product with essential oils.  Cats have very thin skin.  Essential oils can be fatal to cats.  An unscented, natural, goat milk soap is gentle enough for cats.

Pet care information with cute images!  Find tips for grooming pets and pet supplies!

RINSE WELL!  Rinse soap suds thoroughly.  Get underneath the hair.  This will help eliminate unwanted, leftover, residue.  Use comfortable water temperature.  Avoid rinsing soapy water in eyes, ears, nose and mouth.  Talk softly to your animal while bathing.  Assure them all is well.  Be careful.  Water is slippery.  Pets can fall and hurt themselves. Gently hold your pet while bathing or rinsing.  Soap on a rope may be easy to use on squirmy animals.

Pet care information and cute images!  Find tips for grooming pets and pet supplies!

GROOMING PETS - (Hair and Nails)
(Pet Care Information)


When grooming be careful when brushing their hair.  It can really hurt when hair is tugged too hard.  Brush hair in small gentle strokes.  If your pet has thick hair, you must get down to the skin, brushing carefully.  Underneath the top coat of hair may be knotted hair mats clinging to the skin.  Some difficult mats may need to be cut out.  Inspect the body closely.  Areas around the tail, neck or behind the ears can form mats easily.  Hair mats cause the pores of the skin to become clogged and unable to breathe, freely.  Unremoved mats can cause body temperature to rise, causing overheating.  Your animal could have a heat stroke. 

Find tips for grooming pets and pet supplies!  Discover pet care information with cute images!

Clean out remaining hair strands from brushes after use.  Keep it sanitary.

Air dry, towel dry or blow dry hair on low, cool, setting.  Never use blow drier close to skin.  This can dry out or aggravate skin.  Hot heat can burn or blister skin.  Even warm heat, used frequently, can burn skin.  Do not blow air in face or ears.  This aggravates most animals.


Long nails are hazardous.  They can rip on carpet or other surfaces, easily.  This can really hurt!  Your animal may have difficulty walking with long toenails.  Be careful trimming nails.  Do not cut a nail too short or cut into the quick.  Bleeding can occur and it can be very painful.  Most dogs will holler with a “yipe” if nails are cut too short.  If not treated, toenail infections can set in.  If needed, take your pet to a veterinarian for medical attention.  Some infections may require prescribed medication.  For goats, place rocks on pasture for climbing and keeping hooves trim.

Pet care information with cute images!
Pet care information with cute images!  Find pet supplies!

EATING/DRINKING - (Pet Care Information)

Keep fresh food and water, easily, accessible for pets.  Look for healthy, natural, foods.  Pets may have allergies to certain food ingredients.  Be aware of changes.  Notice if your pet stops eating.  Notice if your pet throws up.  Pets can be very choosey when it comes to food.  Goats can be choosier than dogs.  They'll reject dirty, smelly or wilted food.

Pets should maintain a healthy appetite.  An obese animal is a dangerous hazard and can be fatal.  Do not over feed your pets.  Equally, an underfed animal can lead to slow starvation and death.  Learn the proper proportions of food to give your animals each day.


Take your animal for regular, annual, check-ups at your veterinarian.   Vaccinations or de-worming medications may be needed.  A qualified veterinarian will know signs of good/poor health that you may not consider.  For instance, a healthy goat will have clear and bright eyes.  Cloudy or tearing eyes could indicate a pinkeye infection.  A goat’s coat should be smooth and shiny.  A puffed-up coat may indicate the goat isn’t feeling well.  A dull goat’s coat could indicate parasites. 

Try to make the trip to the veterinarian a good experience. Give your animal a special treat for good behavior.  Try to keep them calm by talking softly and just be with them, as much as possible.  Have a good relationship with your pet. They'll naturally want to please you.  Your pet may be scared and need your encouraging words or gentle touch.

VOLUNTEER - (Pet Care Information)

If you love animals consider volunteering your time or services.  Seek out organizations that help pets around the world.  There are multitudes of animals that need and want your love.  Adopt a pet.  Work at a shelter or volunteer at your local veterinarian.  Do anything you can to help.  Animals can’t speak for themselves.  They need people to speak for them.  They need people who care.  Most beloved animals will return love, exponentially, back to you.  Make a difference in the life of an animal.

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