Paraben-free Homemade Lotion

I noticed your homemade lotion is paraben-free. What does that mean? Please say why your goats milk lotions are better than commercial lotions.


Parabens are a class of chemicals that are used in many commercial products including shampoo, shaving gel, cosmetics, food additives, moisturizers and more. Their purpose is to remove bacteria and fungal properties.

The use of parabens in commercial products is controversial. There are arguments on both sides. Some say their use is okay and others say their use is not healthy. Several studies have reported results that, indirectly, support a correlation of the presence of parabens and the occurrence of breast cancer. It is believed that parabens can migrate into breast tissue and form tumors. This is just one example of why the topic of parabens used in commercial products is so highly controversial.

We are proud to announce that Spencer's Farm homemade natural goats milk lotions contains a paraben-free preservative. This keeps the lotion safe from biological contamination. This is one of many ways our natural, homemade, lotion differs from commercial lotions. ALL of Spencer's Farm natural products are paraben-free!

Our homemade lotions have fresh goats milk with other skin friendly ingredients. Handmade experts confirm that goats milk is the key ingredient between a regular commercial product and miraculous luxury item. Goat milk contains natural vitamins A, B, C, D, E and K! It's naturally moisturizing. The benefits of goats milk are numerous!

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