Nigerian Dwarf Goats

Nigerian Dwarf goats are farm fun, lovable, companions for anyone!  Watch a video of baby goats!  They're such cute pets!  Find tips for raising goats and more!

Nigerian Dwarf goats are miniature dairy goats , standing less than two feet tall!  Their gentle and playful personality makes them popular, as cute pets for anyone!

They share pastures, peacefully, with cattle, horses, llamas and donkeys. They improve condition of pastures by eating weeds, brambles and ivy that other livestock will not eat.

They're from western African origin. 


The nose is straight and the ears upright. Their coat is soft with short to medium hair. They stand less than two feet tall.  Ideal weight is about 75 pounds.



They're calm, even tempered, gentle and playful. They're, easily, trainable and can even walk on a leash!  They're lovable companions or pets for everyone, especially children, the disabled and elderly.  Nigerians enjoy the companionship of other goats and people too! They don't like to be alone, as other goat breeds.



Does can be bred from 7-8 months old, if at a mature size. Bucklings can be fertile as early as 7 weeks old!  Wean does and bucks separately to avoid breeding, unintentionally.

Nigerians can breed all year round.  Most owners breed does about 3 times in 2 years time.  It's the breeders personal choice.  Nigerians can have several kids at one time, with triplets and quads being common. They're excellent mothers and take care of their kids, if you allow them.  New baby goats average about 2 pounds at birth, but grow rapidly. 


Goat cheese is delicious made from the milk of Nigerian Dwarf goats.  This goat cheese has a dried cherry on top!


Nigerians can produce up to 2 quarts of milk per day. Their milk has a sweet taste due to a high butterfat content.  Their milk is higher in protein than from most dairy goat breeds. Their milk is a delicious drink or tasty in goat cheese!  This goat cheese, (shown above), has a dried cherry on top!


Attend the, country jam, "Goats Music and More" festival in Lewisburg, Tennessee, annually, in October. Enter your Nigerians in contests to win great prizes! People from around the world attend this festival. Find fun activities for kids, (the 2-legged kind), and adults!

Goats Music and More Country Jam Festival


Never confine goats in small cramped areas.  They need to roam around on small acreage or pastures.  Set boundaries with some type of fencing for these miniature goats.  Supply toys, tree stumps, or rocks for entertainment.  Make sure pens or housing is kept clean with plenty of air ventilation.  Keep food and water accessible.  Find goat care tips!

Children love playing with Nigerian Dwarf baby goats!

These Nigerian Dwarf baby goats are such cute pets!

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