Natural Bath Products
and Homemade Beauty Tips!

Learn the dictionary definition of "natural".  What are natural bath products?   Discover homemade beauty tips and homemade recipes!  Homemade bath salts, homemade shampoo, homemade soap and more!

What are natural bath products? 

The Merrian-Webster dictionary defines the term “natural” as: 

1) “existing in nature and not made or caused by people; coming from nature”

2) “not having any extra substances or chemicals added; not containing anything artificial” 

3) “usual or expected”.  

The term “natural” is vaguely thrown around by marketers everyday.  Careful, though, with the lack of standards in most jurisdictions, the term “natural” assures nothing.  It basically implies that minimal processing has occurred and manufactured ingredients are not included.  Some countries define and enforce the term “natural”, but not the United States.



The term “organic” differs from “natural” in many countries including the United States.  “Organic” has a legal definition and international standard.  If something is organic it is labeled on products.  On the contrary, if something is “natural” the FDA does not require labeling in the United States.  The FDA prohibits false or misleading labeling, but gives no specifics.


These natural bath products are nourishing for skin.  Discover homemade recipes!  Homemade bath salts recipe, soap recipes, homemade shampoo and more!

These natural bath products  contain no harsh, “manufactured”, chemicals.  They are paraben-free.  They have no damaging sulfates, SLS or SLES.  They have no Triclosan.  They are healthful and nourishing for skin.  They are made with homemade recipes and ingredients from nature.  Nothing artificial is added.  They are naturally fragranced or unscented, with no fragrance added at all.

Natural goats milk soap is nourishing for skin.  Find homemade soap recipes!  Learn how to make soap!

(By Spencer's Farm)

--  HOMEMADE SOAP - (Bar Form)

Goats milk soap comes in many varieties.  Ingredients such as aloe vera juice, oatmeal, honey, flaxseed, cocoa butter, coconut oil and many more can be added to homemade soap recipes.  The fresh goat milk in this soap has natural vitamins A, B, C, D, E and K!

Goats milk soap improves skin conditions:  dry, flaky, oily, acne, sun damaged, pre-mature aged.  This homemade soap regenerates collagen under the skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  It’s naturally moisturizing.  It keeps skin close to its natural pH level.  This homemade soap can be fragranced or left unscented.

You’ll find many homemade soap recipes at this website.  Find tips and soap making information.  Learn how to make soap!  Find fun activities for kids and adults with soap science experiments

--  WHOLESALE SOAP - (Bar Form)

Save money with wholesale soap.  Mixed varieties are available in cases.

Homemade liquid soap, with goats milk, is nourishing for skin.  Find soap making tips and homemade soap recipe!


This homemade soap is made from the same type of ingredients used in bar soap.  It will always have a deep amber color due to the fresh goats milk.  A natural fragrance is necessary to add to this soap, since this soap requires cooking during the creative process.  Natural fragrances could include:  lavender, peppermint, spearmint, orange, lemon, etc…. 

Find a natural homemade liquid soap recipe!

Seconds goat milk soaps have imperfections.  Goats milk soaps contain natural vitamins A, B, C, D. E and K!  Save money with seconds!


These homemade soaps have imperfections.  The label may be missing, the wrapping may be torn, the bars are end pieces, misshaped, or left over inventory.  Usually, you can find seconds at a reduced price.  Save money by buying in bulk or by the pound.

This homemade shampoo is in bar form.  It will never spill!  Discover its natural ingredients.


This homemade shampoo comes in bar form.  You can’t spill it.  It’s great for traveling.  Natural ingredients are added to cleanse hair, prevent dandruff, reduce split ends and protect the scalp against build-up.  Made fragranced or unscented. 

Discover natural ingredients in homemade shampoo.

These homemade bath salts provide the ultimate bathing experience!  Soothe and soften skin!  Detoxify!  Find a homemade bath salt recipe!


Dead Sea salts, regular Sea Salts, MSM and goats milk offer the ultimate bathing experience.  It soothes and softens skin. It’s a natural detoxifier!  Homemade bath salts can be fragranced or unscented.  Discover a homemade bath salt recipe!

Homemade beauty tips with homemade recipes!  Avoid harsh, manufactured, ingredients!

See the homemade skin care page!  Find homemade beauty tips and homemade recipes!  Avoid harsh "manufactured" ingredients! Improve your skin health, now!

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