Metal Soap Molds

by Shannon Davis
(Kirtland, NM)

I found some of those metal bread pans that are round shaped like heart and flowers. Can they be used for a mold?

ANSWER: Hi Shannon. Thank you for your question. NO! Do not use your metal bread pans, in any shape or form, as soap molds for cold or hot process soap. Why? Certain metals react negatively with lye. Raw soap that comes in contact with any kind of reactive metal will corrode the pan ruining the pan and the soap. Stainless steel is okay to use. Also, silicon bread molds with different shapes, (hearts, roses, etc.) work really well.

Popular soap molds are made from pine wood. These molds can be used for making small or large batches of soap. Wooden soap molds help to insulate curing soap and provide nice square edges. Wooden bar soap molds can have removable ends to slide the soap through for easy cutting and removal.

Tough acrylic or plastic containers can be used as soap molds. These type of molds can be found in plain or decorative forms in a variety of sizes. There is no cutting or beveling required using these molds. They are more ideal for small batches or individual soaps and handy for beginner soap makers. They're often used with the melt and pour soap making method.

For more information about molds see: Soap Making Molds.

I hopes this information is helpful to you. Happy soap making!

Susan :-)

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