Lye Heavy Soap

by Ronda Caracci
(Barto, PA, USA)

Hi, I read on another website about lye heavy soap. It said to touch it to my tongue and it would feel like a shock from a 9 volt battery if it is lye heavy. Well, it did. :( I just made it today and it hasn't had time to cure so it is still creamy, so will it work out? Should I try it again after about 3 weeks? If it is bad, is there any hope or should I just throw it out?


ANSWER: Hi Ronda. Thank you for your question. Your soap will be just fine. It takes about three weeks for the soap to cure, completely. So, hang in there! You don't need to throw it out.

If you have any other questions just let me know!

Happy Soaping!,

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