Leaf Coloring Pages, Fun Trivia and Fun Activities for Kids!

Find original and printable coloring pages!  These FREE coloring sheets have cool images of leaves.  Find fun trivia and fun activities for kids!

Leaf coloring pages, fun trivia, toys and crafts!  This page has fun activities for kids!  Artists designed cool images just for this website.  You won't find them anywhere else! This website is a fun and informational place for kids and adults.  An entire section has been dedicated for free coloring sheets

These leaf coloring pages can be gifts from the heart.  Hang them around the house or frame them. Decorate them by gluing glitter,  sequence, ribbons or other items.  Kids can be proud of their colorful, artistic, creations!  Print these cool images, now! 

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Leaf 1
Leaf 2
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Find Maple leaf facts, fun trivia and fun activities for kids!

MAPLE:  There are over 200 different species of maple trees.  Maple leaves are wide with deep indentations.  They have 3 main veins radiating from the base of the leaf.  The leaves vary from 2 - 5 inches in size, depending on the species.  Most Maple trees are located in North America, Canada and Europe.  The Canadian flag has a maple leaf symbol in the center.  The maple leaf symbol is on the back of a penny. 

Find Sycamore leaf facts, fun trivia and fun activities for kids!

SYCAMORE:  Sycamore leaves are shaped like a hand with extended lobes, which look like fingers on a hand.  The edge of the leaf is wavy with points.  American Sycamores are deciduous trees, losing their leaves. Their leaves turn brown in the Fall.  American Sycamores are usually found in forests, edge of streams, lakes or ponds.  They're also found in yards used as nice shade trees.

Find Birch leaf facts, fun trivia and fun activities for kids!

BIRCH:  Birch leaves have an elliptical shape.  Their leaves can be either pointed or toothed.  The deeply cut leaves drape branch endings, giving the tree a weeping form.  The most common birch found in nature include:  Yellow Birch, European White Birch, Gray Birch and Paper Birch. 

Find White Oak leaf facts, fun trivia and fun activities for kids!

WHITE OAK:  These leaves are approx. 4 - 9 inches long with five to nine finger like projections.  They're bright green color on top and white underneath.  They turn red or brown colors in the Fall.  Young trees have leaves remaining during the Winter.  Animals use these leaves or twigs as building nest materials.  White Oak trees usually grow in forests, but are also found on lake edges, ponds or streams.


Learn the parts of a leaf!  Do you know why leaves are green?   Do you know why there are colorful leaves?  Find fun trivia, leaf facts and cool images!


COLORFUL LEAVES - Why Leaves Change Color?

A chemical process takes place in trees as seasons change from summer to winter.  Leaves contain three main pigments:  carotene, anthocyanin and chlorophyll which captures the sun's energy to make food.  During Spring and Summer chlorophyll is abundant, giving leaves a green color.  During Fall and Winter daylight hours are shortened and temperatures are cooler.  Trees produce less chlorophyll until completely stopping.  When this happens, the green color in leaves disappears and a rainbow of colors emerge:  red, yellow, purple, orange and warm brown.

Find tips for raking leaves!


NOTE OF CAUTION: Children should always have adult guidance and supervision when raking leaves. Metal rakes have sharp pointed edges.  Plastic rakes are more suitable for children.


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