Jojoba Oil, Homemade Recipes and Tips for Making Soap!

Jojoba oil is a natural liquid wax.  Unrefined oil has a clear, golden, color and slight nutty scent.  Refined oil is colorless and odorless.  Benefits for skin, hair and scalp!  Homemade recipes!

Jojoba oil is cold pressed from Jojoba beans.  The oil takes up about half of the weight of the bean.
Jojoba oil is cold pressed from the beans of the Simmondsia chinensis plant.  Discover its benefits for the skin, hair, scalp!  Homemade recipes!

Jojoba oil is pronounced “ho-ho-ba”.  It’s a natural liquid wax, derived by cold pressing jojoba beans, of the Simmondsia chinensis plant.  This plant is native to southern regions of Arizona, California and northwestern Mexico.  The liquid is about half of the weight of the bean. 

An unrefined oil is clear to golden in color with a slight nutty flavor.  A refined oil is colorless and odorless.  During the refining process, its natural nutrients can be significantly reduce or eliminated.

This natural oil is more shelf stable safflower, canola and almond oils since it contains no triglycerides.  It has an advanced molecular stability.  It does not oxidize, lose antioxidants or become rancid after long storage time.  It’s a popular carrier oil or additive in cosmetic, skin, hair and body products:  lotions, creams, soaps, lip balms, perfumes, shaving preparations, massage oils, shampoos and conditioners.  Jojoba oil is expensive, so it’s mostly used for leave on products:  lotions, creams or lip balms.  It can be used alone and applied directly to skin, hair or scalp.

Jojoba oil balances skin's oil production.  Unclog pores and prevent acne break-outs.  Find homemade skin care tips!  Find homemade recipes!

(Reduce dry skin, acne, minor burns, eczema, fine lines)

Very Stable
Non-eye Irritant
Soften and Soothe
Prevent Razor Burn
Does Not Clog Pores
Nourish and Revitalize
Balance Oil Production
Spread and Absorb Well
Leaves No Greasy Residue
Reduce Appearance of Fine Lines
Similar to Natural Sebum Secreted by Skin

Jojoba oil adds shine to hair.  Moisturize hair and scalp!  Prevent dandruff!  Unclog hair follicles!  Promote hair growth when balding!

(Beneficial for:  balding, dry hair, dull hair, dandruff)

Prevent Dandruff
Promote Hair Shine
Unclog Hair Follicles
Encourage Hair Re-growth
Moisturize Dry Hair/Scalp

HOMEMADE RECIPES - (Homemade Skin Care, Hair and Scalp)

TIP:  Use organic or 100% pure oil.
TIP:  Use conservatively.  One - four drops is plenty. 
TIP:  Avoid using high amounts.  It may leave skin shiny.

RECIPE # 1:  Add small amount to damp hair.
  Directly apply to dry chapped lips.
RECIPE # 3:  Use small amount for all over body moisturizer.
RECIPE # 4:  Directly apply to dry cuticles around fingernails.
RECIPE # 5:  Apply to cotton ball.  Remove face or eye make-up.
RECIPE # 6:  Use as massage oil.  Prevent acne break-outs.

Jojoba oil is used for making soap and other body care products.  Find tips, homemade recipes and soap making supplies!


— JO adds a creamy stable lather.  Mildly cleanses and conditions.  Use at 5% to 10% maximum in soap recipes and no more.  Too much can create a soft bar and poor lather.  Speeds up rate of trace.

— JO can be very expensive.  Using too much is not practical.  Save money by adding approx. 1 tablespoon for every 3 pounds of oils at a light trace.

—  Use refined or unrefined JO for making soap. There's a difference in color, scent and nutrients. It just depends on your personal preference. 

—  JO has a stable shelf life of approx. 2 - 4 years!  This soap making oil contributes to a long-lasting bar of soap.

—  Use "true" JO.  Beware of fake imitations.  Purchase from a reputable company. 

—  JO blends with Palmarosa, Sandalwood, Rose, Patchouli essential oils.


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