Earning Income at Home!

You can earn income at home!  It is possible with hard work, dedication, research, time and money.  Most successful home based business owners say, when you're working for you, you're tougher than any boss has ever been!

Home based work may suit your lifestyle best.  A home based job can be rewarding!

There are many home based businesses!  You need to choose the right one for you!  Don't fall for the scams!  Here, I'll discuss making home crafts, homemade soap in particular. 

Sydne Spencer made bath and body products using fresh goats milk.  Her specialty was homemade goat milk soap.

Everyone begins somewhere.  With Sydne Spencer it all started in college.  She says, "I was hooked on making soap when I could use all the stuff I learned in college biochemistry to improve the quality of my soap.  In the beginning, I researched the chemical qualities of different oils, the active properties of botanicals, the result of saponification and the physical properties of lather and bubbles.  The result of all my research is now known as Spencer's Farm Goat Milk Soap".

Sydne earned income at home!  Her homemade bath/body products have traveled around the world!


There are lots of ways to learn how to make soap.  If you’re a beginner save time, energy and money.  Learn from an experienced soap maker. Follow proven homemade soap recipes.

--  Attend community demonstrations, professional workshops, small group or private soap making classes. 

--  Experiment on your own at home. Trial and error.



Share your desire in making home crafts.  Make friends. Attend workshops.  Learn how to earn income at home!

Contact ASCA


Attend soap making demonstrations in your local community.  This soap maker shows how to make hot process soap. (shown left)  She makes felted soap.  (shown right)


Check your local community events for soap making classes.  Take private or group classes.

READ WHAT OTHERS HAVE SAID - (Do You Have a Question?)

See the FAQ's page at this website.  Read what others have said.  You may find your answer there.  Do you have a question? Please let us know.  We'll answer you as soon as possible.  Thanks!  :-)

OTHER TIPS - (Making Soap or Other Home Crafts)

TIP:  Making home crafts is fun for all ages!  Whenever possible, include your children.  Caution, though!   Always keep dangerous or hazardous materials away from children and pets.  Make sure your home crafts are age appropriate for children.  Adult supervision or guidance may still be needed.  For instance when making soap, there are different methods.  Some methods can be appropriate for children and other methods not.

TIP:  Make sure you prepare a specified work space.  Cover any areas that may become damaged or scratched.  You may want to wear specific clothes or other apparel to cover your body, eyes, hands, feet, etc…

TIP:  Check to make sure you have all the supplies needed before getting started making home crafts.  Do not leave home crafts unattended, in reach of small children or pets. 

As the saying goes, "A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step." The success of your home based job is 100% up to you!  Spencer’s Farm can’t guarantee you’ll earn income at home making soap or any home crafts. Financial success depends on each individual. 

Learn how to get started in your home based job.  The teaching tools are accessible to you.  Browse this website!  You’ll find an abundance of information here!  The best to you in your home based work endeavors! 

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