How I Became Interested In Making Soap

by Shellie
(Ellsinore, MO)

I first heard about Goat Milk Soap around 13 years ago when a neighbor of ours used to make it and sell them for about $6.00 a bar to people in Los Angeles. I always wondered about it but could never bring myself to buying any because of the expense.

Two years after my last child was born she was diagnosed with Eczema. Somehow I remembered reading about how goat milk soap was really good for skin and so I began doing a bit of on-line research about it. We bought a few bars from the health food store and it was good for her, it made a difference. My daughter now eight years old and being run through countless creams, lotions and everything perfume and dye free; I am now making goat milk soap for her. We bought our small herd a little over a year ago and now they are kidding; we have a total of six Nigerians. My first batch of soap was a flop, I was so upset, it looks like a hunk of salt. But my older daughter reminded me how Thomas Edison never gave up and flopped many times before his invention. So back to making a different batch I went and doubling the recipe to have my blender fully immersed. I used a basic recipe that involved solid vegetable oil and it saponified and now it is curing. I'm so glad; I can't wait for her to try some but I'm going to let it cure a full four weeks before I let her and test the pH before she does. I will be looking for recipes that involve Camellia Oil because I'm thinking it will also be good for her. I also will be pressing Cornflower to incorporate; I hope it works. Anyhow, I don't get much milk yet, but it's enough to freeze and make soap for us and I'm incredibly ecstatic about it.

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