Natural Homemade Soap

What is natural homemade soap? 

Natural goat milk soap, by Spencer's Farm, contain NO harsh manufactured chemicals.  This natural goat milk soap is paraben-free, triclosan-free with no damaging sulfates like SLS or SLES. 

This homemade soap is mild and gentle, with natural ingredients, providing nourishment to skin.  This goat milk soap is "naturally" antibacterial, deodorizing, relaxing, soothing, moisturizing and invigorating.


Spencer's Farm Aloe and Oats homemade soap soothes dry itchy skin.  Contains aloe vera juice and finely ground oatmeal.


Aloe vera juice & finely ground oatmeal soothes dry itchy skin.

Spencer's farm Au Natura homemade soap is mild and gentle for sensitive skin.  Unscented with no added fragrance.l


This Au Natural soap contains nothing but basic goat milk soap with a little aloe vera juice.  It has soothing properties. It has no added fragrance.

Spencer's Farm Lavebder homemade soap has relaxing aromatherapy benefits.


This soap is a blend of quality lavender oil with a tiny bit of palmarosa oil.  It has a super nice relaxing.

Spencer's farm Orange Spearmint homemade soap has a tangy, invigorating, scent.


Has a tangy spearmint scent with a pop of 5-fold orange oil.

Homemade natural bath products are unique and handcrafted carefully. Use them everyday or give as gifts.  Use products that are gentle for skin.  Harsh, manufactured, chemicals may cause skin problems. Instead, goats milk products are nourishing for skin.


An assortment of goat milk soaps that are wrapped first with Alpaca wool, then with hand painted Merino wool.

The Alpaca wool is felted directly on the bar.  Alpaca wool has antibacterial properties!  It shrinks along with the soap, and when the soap is gone, you still have a cool, little soft wool scrubbie. This is much more classy than a nylon scrubbie or loofah. They are totally natural, unbleached and un-dyed alpaca, decorated by a top layer of hand painted Merino Sheep's Wool.  Allow to dry between uses.

These goat milk soaps are unique items.  You probably won't see these soaps on most shower shelves. This soap has the colors of a rainbow!

This guest assortment box contains four, (1.25 oz. size), homemade bar soaps. It has various goat milk bar soaps. Popular scents can be packaged together.

Learn how to make soap with homemade soap recipes! 

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