How to Make
Homemade Liquid Soap!

Make homemade liquid soap!  Discover soap making supplies, tips and homemade soap recipes!  Avoid harsh, manufactured, soaps!  Making homemade soap is sensible and fun! Learn how to make soap, now!

Homemade liquid soap offers the same benefits for skin as bar soap.  Skin is cleansed, moisturized, soothed, invigorated, nourished and refreshed!  Add a touch of your own special fragrances or ingredients to make it your own!  I'll get you started with a homemade soap recipe!

Some prefer liquid soap to bar soap.  Liquid soap is convenient to store on tables, sinks or other counter tops.  The pump dispenser allows just the right amount of soap to be dispersed.  There is no soapy mess.  Storage is easy and clean.


--  Use homemade liquid soap with goats milk within 6 months.  Goats milk can go rancid. 

--  Store your homemade soap in a cool environment, like an air-conditioned room.

Goats milk soap is healthful and nourishing for skin.  Learn how to make soap, now!

--  Liquid soap made from "goats milk" bar soap will have a golden to deep amber color.

--  A fragrance MUST be added to homemade liquid soap.  This homemade soap should NOT be left unscented.  It requires cooking during the creative process. 

--  Research the safety of using essential oils before using them.  Know what fragrances can blend well together.  Use high quality essential oils.  Some popular natural fragrances include:  orange, lemon, peppermint, spearmint, lavender and tea tree.

Learn how to make soap with soap recipes!
A homemade liquid soap fights acne, dry itchy skin, flaky skin and more!  Learn how to make soap with soap recipes!

--  Ask yourself, "What do I want from my homemade liquid soap?"  A liquid soap with 5-fold orange oil, tea tree oil and lavender oil can combat acne. 

A soap made with invigorating peppermint and coffee grounds combats the "itchies".  (This soap would be great after working outside or in the garden. )

A soap made with citrus scents would be refreshing.

--  What type of lather do you want?  Rich and bubbly?  Low lather?  The ingredients you use in your soap recipes WILL make a difference!

Find a homemade liquid soap recipe!  Learn how to make soap!  Avoid harsh, manufactured, soaps!

HOMEMADE SOAP RECIPE:  (Makes 2 gallons)
(This homemade liquid soap is a dish washing soap, too!)


Olive Oil --  33 oz.
Coconut Oil --  14 oz.

Distilled Water --  64 oz.
Potassium Hydroxide --  11 oz.  (Lye)
Potassium Carbonate  - 2 oz.  (optional)
"Grated" Homemade Bar Soap --  20 oz.

Sugar --  8 oz.
Water -- 40 oz..
Glycerin -- 16 oz.
92% Isopropyl Alcohol --  9 oz.

DIRECTIONS:   Start making this soap recipe in 3 pots.

POT 1:  (Large Pot)  Add 34 oz. water, grated homemade bar soap and 1/2 the alcohol.  Heat this mixture to a boil and stir often to dissolve the grated soap.  Reduce heat to medium.

POT 2:  Add the coconut oil and heat to melt.  Next add the cool olive oil.

-- In a heat proof bowl or measuring cup, dissolve the lye in 30 oz. water then add lye water to POT 2.

POT 3:  Heat remaining water and sugar until the sugar is dissolved.

--  Pour the contents of POT 2 into POT 1 and stick blend the lye into soap paste.  Cook until transparent.

--  Add the remaining alcohol and glycerin into POT 3, then immediately add the contents to POT 1.  Stick blend some more and continue to cook over medium heat until the mixture is clear and is as tick as you require.  Let cool before adding fragrance.

--  Store in large plastic 2 gallon jugs with a spigot.  Dispense into pump bottles.  Fragrance as needed.

Goats milk soap is mild and gentle for skin.  Learn how to make soap!   Avoid harsh, manufactured, soaps!
Goats milk soap is nourishing and healthful for skin!  Learn how to make soap!  Find soap recipes and more!

GOATS MILK SOAP - (Bar or Liquid)

--  Naturally moisturizing.
--  Cleans with no oily after effects.
--  Non- irritating; mild and gentle.
--  Has vitamins A, B, C, D, E and K.
--  Aids regeneration of collagen.

DRY ITCHY SKIN:  Softens, soothes, moisturizes.

DRY FLAKY SKIN:  Soothe eczema, psoriasis, sunburns.

DULL SKIN:  Have a natural, youthful, glow. Keep skin close to its natural pH balance.

SENSITIVE SKIN:  Non-irritating.  Available unscented.

ACNE/SCARS:  Get rid of blackheads and blemishes.  Reduce redness and inflammation.  Fade acne scars.

AGED SKIN:  Reduce fine lines and wrinkles.  Fade discolorations and dark spots.

OILY SKIN:  Protect against bacterial spread.  Has no oily after affects.

Learn how to make soap!  Avoid harsh manufactured chemicals.  There's a difference between homemade goats milk soap and commercial soap, with manufactured ingredients.  Handmade soap experts confirm goats milk as being the key ingredient that makes the difference between regular handmade soap and a wonderful luxury item!

Use natural bath products that are healthful and nourishing for skin!  Avoid commercial products with harsh, manufactured, ingredients!

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