Homemade Acne Remedies!

Start clearing acne!  Discover benefits of honey, Melaleuca oil, oatmeal, Epsom salts and more!  Find homemade recipes!  Stop using harsh, manufactured, chemicals!  Try homemade acne remedies, instead!

Homemade acne remedies can be more effective than commercial skin care products, claiming to solve acne problems.  Harsh, manufactured, ingredients may be the very culprits causing oily skin and acne break-outs. 

Contrary to belief, dirt is not the cause of acne.  Scrubbing the skin will not relieve acne, it will only aggravate it.  A simple cleansing to remove excess oil and dead skin cells is all you need.   

Fight acne, naturally, with homemade recipes!  Use natural ingredients for clearing acne.  Reduce oily skin, redness and inflammation.  Regenerate and renew skin cells for a natural, radiant, complexion.


Acne is caused by hair follicles clogged with oil and dead skin cells.  Sebum can't reach skin's surface.  Bacteria may develop.  Pimples are caused when blocked hair follicles are inflamed or infected.  Deep blockage can produce cysts beneath the skin's surface.

--  Hormonal changes affect sebaceous glands which can then affect sebum production.  Boys and girls in puberty and pregnant women are all affected by hormonal changes. 

--  Some medications with corticosteroids and androgens.

--  Foods that increase blood sugar; (breads & chips).

--  Harsh chemicals in soaps or detergents can cause a protective skin reaction, producing excess oil.

HOMEMADE REMEDIES  (Acne and Oily Skin)
(Use organic ingredients for best results)

Chamomile tea has skin healing and purifying properties.  It's used in homemade acne remedies!  Find homemade recipes, now!

CHAMOMILE TEA:  Anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal.  Packed with antioxidants!  Has skin healing and purifying properties.

--  CHAMOMILE RECIPE # 1:  Gently rub cooled chamomile tea on acne scars.  Lighten skin and reduce visibility of marks left by acne flare-ups.

--  CHAMOMILE RECIPE # 2:  Place chilled chamomile tea bag directly on acne.  Reduce redness of acne.

Epsom salts eliminate toxins from skin.  It's an effective acne treatment, especially on the back.  Start clearing acne!  Find homemade recipes, now!

EPSOM SALTS:  A natural magnesium sulfate.  Eliminates toxins from the body.  Relieves sore muscles, sprains, aches and pains.  Reduces inflammation.

--  EPSOM SALTS RECIPE:  Dissolve 2 tbsp. Epsom Salts in 1 cup of water.  Dip cotton ball in dissolved mixture then apply directly to acne affected areas.  Let absorb into skin for 15 - 20 minutes.  Rinse area thoroughly.  Gently pat dry. 

A warm Epsom salt bath is very effective for treating acne in hard to reach areas like the back, shoulders or neck. 

--  EPSOM SALTS DETOX BATH RECIPE:  Pour 1 cup of Epsom salt, 2 tbsp. sea salt, 2 tbsp. bath oil into warm running water. Soak your body in tub of water for 20 - 30 minutes.  Gently pat dry.  Repeat regularly.

Goats milk soap cleans and protects skin against bacterial spread.  Start clearing acne!   With natural ingredints like Melaleuca oil, honey or oatmeal they're great homemade acne remedies!

GOATS MILK SOAP:   Mild and moisturizing.  Does not leave oily after affects.  Leaves skin close to its natural pH level.  Cleans and protects against bacterial spread.  Contains natural vitamins A, B, C, D, E and K.  A natural goat milk soap with Melaleuca oil, honey, oatmeal or aloe vera are great homemade acne remedies!

Discover the benefits of honey for skin!  Start clearing acne!  Find homemade recipes, including a homemade face mask!

HONEY:  Absorbs dirt and impurities from skin.  Fights infections.  Speeds healing of acne.  Reduces acne scars.  Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory.  There are many benefits of honey!  Great in homemade acne remedies!

--  HONEY and OATMEAL HOMEMADE FACE MASK:  Mix organic honey with equal amount of ground oatmeal. Gently apply to face. Let stand for approx. 25 minutes. Rinse with water. Gently pat dry.

Discover benefits of oatmeal for skin!  Oatmeal is a natural skin cleanser.  Start clearing acne!  Find homemade recipes, now!

OATMEAL:  A natural skin cleanser.  Removes dirt and impurities.  Cleans pores without irritation.  Soothes.  Gently exfoliates.  Reduces inflammation.  Great in homemade acne remedies!

--  OATMEAL RECIPE:  Blend 6 tablespoons, unflavored, dry oatmeal to a fine powder. Slowly add water for a smooth pasty texture. Apply mixture to face. Let dry. Rinse with cool water. Gently pat dry.

MELALEUCA OIL (Tea Tree):  Pale yellow to clear colored essential oil.  Has a strong fragrance, similar to nutmeg.  Squeezed from leaves of the Melaleuca alternifolia plant.  Antiseptic, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory.  Helps eliminate moderate acne and oily skin. 

Always dilute Melaleuca oil before using on skin!   Using 5% oil to 95% water, for an effective acne treatment.  If you have sensitive skin, you may want to dilute the oil in aloe vera gel. 

Essential oils are POTENT chemicals!  Never use large amounts of essential oils externally, or internally. Never use them straight. They must always be diluted in carrier oil, or soap, lotion, or other buffering agent. Finally, never use essential oils without knowing what their bioactive compounds are known to do.

--  CAUTION!  In rare cases. Melaleuca oil has been reported to be mildly irritating to skin.  Reports of allergic contact dermatitis have occurred.

--  CAUTION!  For people with acne, Melaleuca oil can cause redness, dryness, itching, stinging or burning sensations.  Consult your health care provider, if needed.

--  MELALEUCA OIL RECIPE# 1:  Wash face with mild cleanser.  Use a cotton ball to apply a very thin layer of diluted Melaleuca oil to face.  Avoid eyes, ears, nose, mouth or sensitive areas.  Allow a few minutes for solution to absorb into skin.  Apply a water based natural moisturizing cream, (with no oils).  Lock in nutrients and lock out bacteria.  

--  MELALEUCA OIL RECIPE # 2: Body acne; add few drops to bath water.

--  MELALEUCA BLEND:  Blend Melaleuca oil with Kukui oil for an effective acne treatment.

NUTRITION:  Start clearing acne by eating nutritious foods.

--  Green Vegetables
--  Ancient Whole Grains:  Quinoa, Millet
--  Fish:  Salmon, Mackerel, Sardines, Anchovies
--  Deep Red and Purple foods:  pomegranate, black grapes, beets 

Discover benefits of drinking water, for skin!  Start clearing acne!  Find homemade recipes, now!


Purge toxins from blood and purify skin. The Mayo Clinic "8x8" Rule, suggests drinking eight glasses of water, 8 oz. size, daily.  Acne may seem to get worse, at first, because your purging your body of toxins.  Don't worry, this is a temporary condition.  Once the toxins have been purged, acne break-outs will less likely occur.  Water replenishes skin tissue.  It moisturizes and improves skin's elasticity.  It helps provide a radiant complexion.  Drinking water is an easy task among other homemade acne remedies!

* Looking for other homemade skin care tips?  Find them now! *

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