Green Tea Benefits
and Homemade Recipes!

Discover green tea benefits for the body, skin and hair!   Green tea comes from the leaves of the Camelia Sinensis, evergreen shrub.  Get the green tea facts!

Discover green tea benefits! 

Green tea comes from the leaves of the Camelia Sinensis, evergreen shrub. It grows in India, Australia, Indonesia and other countries.  The majority is grown in China.  Thailand, India and Japan use it as medicine from aiding digestion to healing wounds.  The use of green tea has risen in the USA.

To make green tea, fresh picked leaves are quickly steamed, rolled on mats and heated, preventing oxidization.  Oxidization is a process in which tea leaves interact with oxygen, turning them dark in color.  Category of teas are based on oxidization level.  Green tea isn't oxidized.

Green tea has a powerful antioxidant, ECGC!  It inhibits cancer cells without harming healthy tissue.  Discover green tea benefits now!


--  Strengthen Immune System
--  Inhibit Abnormal Blood Clots
--  Lower LDL Cholesterol
--  Quench Free Radicals
--  Lower Risk of Cancer
--  Helps Prevent Heart Disease
--  Lower Risk of Rheumatoid Arthritis
--  Combat Viral, Bacterial, Fungal Infections

Green Tea has benefits for the body inside and out!  It's used orally and topically.  It has anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic. properties.  It's rich with powerful antioxidants, especially, epigallocatechin gallate, (ECGC).  This antioxidant inhibits the growth of cancer cells, without harming healthy tissue. 

Green Tea has vitamins A and B2.  Vitamin A promotes healthy bone metabolism.  It guards against bacterial, viral and parasitic infections. Vitamin B2, (Riboflavin), helps the body convert food into fuel, with other B vitamins.  It combats free radicals!  It's important for body growth and red blood cell production.  Some studies report vitamin B2 helps prevent cataracts, but more research is needed. 

Green tea combats acne, blemishes and oily skin!  Find green tea recipes and a homemade facial!  Rejuvenate, tone, soothe and protect your skin!  Get the green tea facts!

(Rejuvenate, Tone, Soothe, Protect)

--  Reduce Inflammation
--  Reduce Sun Damage
--  Relieve Minor Burns and Cuts
--  Combat Acne & Blemishes
--  Soothe Psoriasis
--  Combat Aged Skin

Green tea aids in reducing, soothing or eliminating a variety of skin conditions:  wrinkles, psoriasis, rosacea, acne, freckles, dark spots and sunburns.  It gives skin elasticity with a fresh, youthful, appearance.  With exposure to pollution, smoking and excessive sunlight there's an increase of free radicals in the blood. When green tea is used in sunscreens it reduces sun damage, quenches free radicals and reduces inflammation, rather than just blocking ultraviolet rays.  Green tea is found in many topical formulations:  soap, shampoo, lotion and cream. 

Find green tea recipes and homemade facial to achieve prettier skin!

Green Tea Recipes and Homemade Facial

Natural goat milk soap is mild and gentle.  It's moisturizing and nourishing for skin. It has vitamins A, B, C, D, E and K!  It helps keep skin close to its natural pH level.  There are no harsh manufactured chemicals that slowly strip away the acid mantle.  (This explains the dry, itchy feeling after using commercial soaps.)  Natural goat milk soap is popular for many skin types:  oily, dry or sensitive.  A green tea goat milk soap is healthful for skin. 

Looking for more homemade skin care tips?  Find them now!

Discover green tea benefits for hair!   Have beautiful hair with green tea shampoo!


--  Stimulate Hair Follicles (ECGC)
--  Strengthen Hair (ECGC)
--  Combat Dandruff & Oily Hair
--  Cleanse, Add Shine, Bounce & Manageability

There are conflicting reports regarding green tea and re-growth of hair.  Basically, green tea contains an antioxidant, ECGC, as mentioned previously.  This antioxidant encourages hair growth and helps strengthen the hair follicle.  However,  some studies suggest ECGC should be extracted from green tea and then combined with ethanol.  Ethanol helps with scalp absorption.  The study then suggest the combination of ECGC and ethanol would then show an improvement of hair re-growth. 

Others suggest green tea shampoo strengthens hair follicles.  Green tea shampoo can:  deep clean, combat dandruff, add shine, bounce and manageability to hair.  It's good for oily hair since it's a natural astringent.  Green tea helps balance hair conditions. Consider a green tea shampoo with no damaging sulfates, no parabens and no petrochemicals. 

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