Green Juice & Purple Smoothie

by Elaine

I don't always have time to make large meals for me or my family, so sometimes I make vegetable juices or fruit smoothies. I experiment with different homemade recipes and use organic foods.

I notice a difference in my skin when drinking:
1) Green Juice and 2) Purple Smoothie.

My skin looks brighter and discolorations fade. I can't really explain it but somehow my skin just looks better, overall. Here are my recipes. You may want to try them too. The purple smoothie is my favorite! To me, it taste like a chocolate milkshake! Yummy!


First, wash and rinse all vegetables. Juice vegetables in juicer. Drink up.


Collard Greens
Carrots (as Base)


I store my fruit in the freezer, ready to make cold smoothies. My bananas are divided into sections before freezing. They're easier to blend this way.

First add almond milk to blender. Add fruit then 1 or 2 spoonfuls of almond butter. Blend all ingredients until your desired consistency.
Drink up.


Almond Butter
Banana (peeled)
Almond Milk (as Base)

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