Goldenseal Root and
 Homemade Recipes!

Goldenseal root comes from the herb, Hydrastis canadensis.  Discover  benefits of Goldenseal with homemade recipes!

Goldenseal root are the rhizome and rootlets of a small woodland plant, Hydrastis canadensis.  This low growing perennial herb has green, hairy, leaves, white stamens, purplish stem and a single berry similar in appearance to a raspberry.  The yellow roots are thick and knotty.  It's a popular, bitter herb, related to the buttercup.  It has been cultivated extensively, almost near extinction.   It grows in shady deep woods and moist environments. Commercially, it’s mostly grown in the USA, in the Blue Ridge Mountains. 

There’s little scientific evidence that goldenseal has healing properties.  It was used extensively among some native North American tribes, medicinally and as a colorant.  It became popular in the mid-nineteenth century.  Today some herbalists use it in homemade remedies.  Why?  It has antibiotic, astringent and anti-inflammatory properties.  It enhances the immune system.  It contains vitamins, minerals and nutrients:  calcium, iron, manganese, vitamin A, C, E and B-complex.  Its alkaloid, berberine, is mostly responsible for fighting bacteria and fungi.  Its chemical, hydrastine, lowers blood pressure.  Some people claim it masks drugs in urine to avoid detection in common drug screenings.  

It’s often used in products containing echinacea. It enhances effects of echinacea. Goldenseal comes in capsule, tablet, powder, tincture, creams, liquid, salves, teas or dried root forms.  Many herbalists continue to claim it has health benefits for the body and skin.


Yellow Root, Eye Root, Orange Root, Jaundice Root, Ground Raspberry, Indian Dye, Indian Turmeric, Yellow Puccoon

Goldenseal root fights colds and upper respiratory infections.  Drink Goldenseal tea!  Find homemade recipes!


Reduce Fever
Improve Appetite
Lower Blood Sugar
Stimulate Digestion
Lower Blood Pressure
Improve Health Health
Lower LDL Cholesterol
Enhance Immune System
Relieve Colds and Upper Respiratory Tract Infections
Relieve Conjunctivitis (pink-eye) or Eye Inflammation

Goldenseal root helps heal skin.  Its alkaloid, Berberine, fights bacteria and fungi.  Discover benefits of Goldenseal with homemade recipes!


Apply to skin for healing:  rashes, ulcers, minor wounds, itching, eczema, psoriasis, acne, ringworm, cold sores, mouth sores.


- Can fluctuate blood pressure.
- Keep away from children and pets.
- Do not use if pregnant or nursing baby.
- May cause rash, hives or skin sensitivity to sunlight
- Do not use for more than 3 weeks.  Stop use and wait, at least, 2 weeks before using again.
- Considered safe for short term use.  Does not cause adverse reactions if the correct dosage is taken for the recommended length of time.
- Large doses are poisonous.  Large doses may cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, slow heart rate, irritate mucous membranes in the mouth and respiratory problems. Overuse can have toxic side effects.  Extreme high doses can be fatal.
- Consult physician before use especially if you have had heart disease, diabetes, glaucoma, a stroke, or high blood pressure.

(Growing Goldenseal - Organic vs. Natural)

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