Goats Milk Soap & Oily Skin

Isn't goats milk soap bad for oily skin?


On the contrary, oily and blemished skin both respond much more favorably to my mild goat milk soaps than they do to expensive preparations that are supposed to treat those conditions.

I had bad skin while growing up. The soaps, toners and stuff they recommended were so harsh. My skin would get dry, but then the bumps and red spots and scaly skin got even worse. I had badly broken out flaky dry skin because I used the stuff recommended for oily skin.

I sell a whole lot of goats milk soap to adolescent boys with acne-type skin eruptions, and they have great success with it!

I really wish I would have had it available to me sooner than I did. I was over the age of 40 before I knew the benefits of goats milk soap.

My skin sure is nice now!

Great question! Thanks for asking!


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