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Jan 04, 2023

Goat On A Deer

I have a 3 year old dairy goat (Nigerian Dwarf) that loves to jump on a concrete deer statue in my back yard. This usually gets at least a chuckle, if

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Mar 30, 2022

Goat On A Deer

I have a 3 year old dairy goat (Nigerian Dwarf) that loves to jump on a concrete deer statue in my back yard. This usually gets at least a chuckle, if

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Oct 06, 2021

Chamomile soap

Are you selling soap.. I need natural chamomile soap for skin whitening

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Jun 09, 2020

Benefits of Cauliflower

Discover benefits of cauliflower for skin and hair! Reduce signs of pre-mature aging! Homemade recipes!

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Nov 14, 2018

Metal Soap Molds

I found some of those metal bread pans that are round shaped like heart and flowers. Can they be used for a mold? ANSWER: Hi Shannon. Thank you for

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Jul 23, 2018

black seed oil soapi want to know this please

I am from Ethiopia Please help me. I want to make a black seed oil soap. We have got a cream from organic company Help me plz Abel --------------------------------------------------

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Jan 04, 2018

Purchasing Products

Can I purchase the products from you or can you send me to a comp any where I can purchase Goat milk Powder and the other items for the bath salts? I

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Oct 11, 2017

Goats milk and lemon grass

Hello, I love the lemongrass recipe you have with oatmeal and green tea. My question is how can I use Goats milk instead of water? Or do I apply it

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Nov 02, 2016




Jun 26, 2016

Nigerion dwarf

Where can I buy one ----------------------------------------------- Don, Thank you for contacting me about Nigerian Dwarf goats. You can find more

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Apr 25, 2016

Kiwi Plant - Homemade Recipes

Grow a kiwi plant! Kiwi is an antioxidant fruit and a powerhouse of nutrition! It has benefits of vitamin C! Homemade beauty tips, healthy smoothie recipes, healthy juicing recipes and more!

Continue reading "Kiwi Plant - Homemade Recipes"

Feb 15, 2016

Goat milk lotion separation

We are new at making our own goat milk lotion and we noticed it has some oil separation. How do we keep the oils from separating in our lotion? We used

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Sep 30, 2015

Goat Milk for Dog's irritated skin: dermatitis, canine acne, hot spots

Good Morning, I am a dog groomer and horse groomer and have many clients (dogs) with skin issues; I rarely groom cats (I groom Therapy Horses as a Volunteer)

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Jul 27, 2015

Nigerian Dwarf Male

This is your basic house pet. He's a hand raised boy. When I walk into the pasture he runs over to me. A real pet. Great breeder too does the job right

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Feb 09, 2015

Recipe for Goats Milk Hair Conditioner

Do you have a good recipe to share for the goats milk conditioner? ANSWER: Hi Tammy. Thank you for your question. Yes, I do have a good goats milk

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Feb 09, 2015

Goats Milk Shampoo and Conditioner

I have found a goats milk recipe for shampoo and I was wondering do you have to put any preservatives in it for it to last outside of refrigeration and

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Jan 27, 2015

Goat Milk powder

Can I use Goat milk powder in my soap and how much %. Thank you. ANSWER: Hi Chelsea, Thank you for your question. Yes, you can use goat milk powder

Continue reading "Goat Milk powder"

Jan 22, 2015

Homemade Skin Care Tips

Find homemade skin care tips! Oily? Dry? Uneven Tone? Wrinkles? Acne? Sun Damaged? Discover solutions to improve skin health!

Continue reading "Homemade Skin Care Tips "

Sep 24, 2014

Natural News

Natural News is packed full of information for people and pets! Find fun activities for kids and adults! Find homemade recipes! Find tips and soap making recipes! Find pet care information!

Continue reading "Natural News"

Jun 16, 2014

Online Contests - Fun Online Games

Online contests! Online sweepstakes! Fun online games! Enter for a chance to win Amazon gift cards, goat milk soap or other great prizes!

Continue reading "Online Contests - Fun Online Games"

Jun 09, 2014

Customer Service and Survey

Do you own a business? Discover tips for giving good customer service!

Continue reading "Customer Service and Survey"

Jun 06, 2014

Speak Easy or Shout It Out! What's Your Opinion?

Speak easy or shout it out! What's YOUR opinion? How have goat milk products improved your life? Discover the benefits of goat milk! Share homemade recipes and homemade beauty tips!

Continue reading "Speak Easy or Shout It Out! What's Your Opinion? "

Jun 05, 2014

Articles...Health Tips for People and Pets...Natural News and Homemade Recipes

Read top rated articles! Health tips for people and pets! Dairy farming! Pet care! How to make soap! Homemade recipes! Find juicing recipes, smoothie recipes, grilling recipes, snack recipes...

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May 30, 2014

Free Crosswords - Fun Online Games

FREE crosswords are fun online games! Printable crossword puzzles for all ages! Crosswords for kids and adults! Check your crossword answers with crossword helper keys!

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Apr 22, 2014

FREE Coloring Sheets - Fun Activities for Kids - Fun Trivia

FREE coloring sheets with cute images! Animal coloring pages and more! These printable coloring pages are unique! Fun activities for kids of all ages! Fun trivia, cartoons, home crafts and more!

Continue reading "FREE Coloring Sheets - Fun Activities for Kids - Fun Trivia"

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