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Flower coloring pages, fun trivia and crafts!

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These flower coloring pages can be gifts from the heart.  Hang them around the house or frame them. Decorate them by gluing glitter,  sequence, ribbons or other items.  Kids can be proud of their colorful, artistic, creation!  Print these cool images, now! 

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Single Flower
Smiling Flower
Bursting Flower


* CAUTION!  Some soap making kits use the melt and pour method.  In this case, soap can get very hot!  Never leave children alone making soap.  Adult supervision may be needed. Read all directions, carefully.*

A daisy symbolizes a friendly flower.  Find fun trivia!  Learn the parts of a flower!
The most popular variety of tulips are the red varieties.  Find fun trivia!  Learn the parts of a flower!
The sunflower grows five to twelve feet tall!  Find fun trivia!  Learn the parts of a flower!


(Flowers come in various shapes, sizes and colors)

SUNFLOWER:  (Shown top left)  Grows 5 - 12 feet tall.  It needs full sun, moist and well-drained soil to grow the best.  Mature sunflowers, typically, face the east.  Only young sunflowers track the sun, turning their orientation from east to west within one day.  The inner florets of the sunflower mature into seeds.  Sunflower seeds can be a tasty snack!

TULIPS:  (Shown center)  The most popular variety of tulips are the red varieties.  There are over 3,000 varieties of tulips!  Tulips are thirsty flowers and will drink a lot of water.  Tulips bend and droop in the direction of light. They grow rapidly with a life span of 3 - 7 days.  Tulips were once the most expensive flower in the world! 

DAISY:  (Shown top right)  The daisy is made of two flowers:  the disk floret and petal-like, white, ray florets.  The common daisy has white petals and yellow center, but its petals can be pink or rose colored.  The daisy symbolizes a friendly flower with purity, innocence and new beginnings.  Daisies are found everywhere on Earth, except Antarctica.

FLOWERING PLANTS:  There are approximately 250,000 different types of flowering plants on Earth.


Can you name the parts of a flower?  Find answers, click the link below!


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