Dry Skin Brushing!
Benefits, Cautions, Tips!

Dry skin brushing is an easy process to get rid of cellulite and cleanse the lymphatic system!  Learn how to detox with skin brushing techniques.  Discover benefits, cautions and  tips!

Dry skin brushing has been used throughout the world for centuries. This gentle and effective process stimulates lymph canals and nerve endings, boosts blood circulation, sheds dead skin cells, improves skin texture, increases skin cell renewal, eliminates clogged pores and more!

The skin is the largest organ of the body. It is responsible for one-fourth of the body's detoxification everyday. When it becomes bogged down with dead skin cells, clogged pores and impurities its function of eliminating waste and toxins is slowed or inhibited. On average, the skin eliminates more than one pound of waste everyday.

Learn how to detox at home!  Dry skin brushing is a powerful way to cleanse the lymphatic system. It stimulates the release of waste material from cells near the surface of the body. Eventually, most of the toxins, (with their carrier cells), find their way to the colon for elimination.

Skin brushing increases blood supply and circulation to the area brushed. Skin receives nourishment and oxygen. It looks and feels better.

Dry skin brushing cleanses the skin without removing the protective acid mantle. Skin tightens, shows a reduction in cellulite with an overall, better, appearance. Skin has a natural, radiant, glow. Many salons use skin brushing as part of a beauty program.

Use a non-synthetic, all-natural, vegetable fiber brush. The synthetic fiber brushes can irritate skin. Brushes come in long or short handles types.

The short handle types are great for sweeping across most of the body area. The long handle types are, especially, convenient for reaching the back. For this reason, some prefer to use both types of brushes.

Dry skin brushes are meant to be used dry but there are some brushes you can use wet.

Clean your brush with soap and water, on average, once every week or two. Store your brush in a dry, open, sunny area to avoid the formation of mold or mildew. You may want to replace your brush after one year, depending on frequency of use.


Do not wet skin. Before your bath or shower use brush in long, sweeping, firm, strokes. Brush from the outer extremities, upwards, to the center of your body. Do not press too hard. Skin should not become red. Start at the soles of your feet and move up your legs. Brush upwards on your buttocks. Brush your lower abdomen towards the center. Start at the ends of your fingertips and move up your arms. Brush the back starting low and moving upwards. Brush across shoulders. Brush down neck, chest and trunk. Brush breasts very lightly, avoiding nipple areas.


Avoid brushing rashes, wounds, cuts, infections, poison oak, poison ivy or any broken areas of skin. Do not brush the face, breast nipples or any sensitive area of the body. Begin the process slow. Only do one sweeping pass over the body surface to begin. Your body needs to adjust. Too much stimulation can be difficult for the body. After you have done the process for awhile, then you may want to gradually increase the number of sweeping strokes. Remember, do not press too hard with brush. You want to gently stimulate your skin not aggravate or irritate it.

Afterwards, take a warm shower or bath. Rinse with cool water to invigorate blood circulation. Dry off well. Afterwards, you may want to massage your skin with a soothing, natural, moisturizer.


Tighten skin
Aid digestion
Detoxify body
Get rid of cellulite
Exfoliate dead skin cells
Increase skin cell renewal
Stimulate blood circulation
Strengthen immune system
Stimulate lymphatic system

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