Dog Coloring Pages and
Fun Activities for Kids!

Dog coloring pages are fun activities!  These cute dog images were designed, specifically, for this website.  You won't find these cool images anywhere else!  Also, find dog trivia and watch a fun cartoon dog!  This website is a fun and informational place for kids and adults. 

Discover a natural goat milk soap perfect for puppies and older dogs.  Some say it's the best dog shampoo around! 


These dog coloring pages can be gifts from the heart.  Hang them around the house, frame them or give as gifts.  Add decoration with glitter, sequence, beads, ribbons or other items.  Kids can be proud of their colorful, artistic, creation!  Print these cool images, now! 

DIRECTIONS: LEFT CLICK to view. RIGHT CLICK to download & print.

Dog Handshake
Dog Sleeping
Dog Sitting
Dog Standing

DOG TRIVIA - (Fun Trivia)

-  A dog’s whiskers are very sensitive.
-  An average dog has 42 permanent teeth.
-  There are 701 types of pure breed dogs.
-  The most popular name for a dog is “Max”.
-  Dogs sweat through the pads of their feet.
-  The name of the dog on the Cracker Jack’s box is “Bingo”.
-  96% of pet owners say their pet makes smile more than twice a day.
-   A dog’s nose print is very unique.  It can be used for identification like a human fingerprint, for humans.
-  A dog’s hearing is acute and sensitive, more than humans.  They can hear noises up to 4 times farther away.
-  Dogs are not colorblind.  Studies have proven they may not see in as much vivid or range of colors as humans, but indeed they do see color.  Dogs see far better at night than humans.
-  The phrase “It’s raining cats and dogs” began in 17th century England.  Heavy rains swept pets down the streets.

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HOW TO DRAW A DOG - (Spaniel)



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