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Good, quality, customer service is vital to any thriving business. These tips can help you build a good reputation, so customers return to you.

Listen, Speak Clearly, Get Detailed

It's important to listen to your customers and explain yourself, clearly.  Let your customers know details of pricing, shipping, quantity, returns and anything else deemed important for your business transaction.  Put everything in writing and document all transactions.  Allow different ways a customer can pay for products:  cash, check or secured credit card transaction. Do not accept any cash through mail.  Make sure checks are valid before sending products.  If there is any delay of shipping products, due to back orders or any other reason, contact your customer asap.  Do not leave your customers wondering and waiting for their orders. 

Be Flexible

If a customer wants something extra special made, that's not usually on your product list, talk with them and be honest as to whether or not you can fill their needs.  For example, someone might want a wheatgrass goat milk soap, but you normally don't make that kind....consider making it to satisfy your customer needs.  A customer may want a product packaged in a special way.  Discuss details with them and be flexible.

Be Fair

Do not overcharge for products.  You will not get ahead.  There is lots of competition out there, ready to make better deals than you.  Offer sales, specials and discounts on your products.  Everybody wants a good deal!

Quality and Freshness Matters

Do not sell any goat milk product that you would not use yourself.  Keep all products fresh and in good quality.  As for any product that contains goat milk:  soap, lotion, cream, shampoo, lip balm, etc...  it's important to note that goat milk can go rancid quickly when in heated temperatures.  Be sure to advise your customers of this fact. 

Never ship any goat milk product in Spring/Summer/Fall months that cannot reach it's destination by the very next day.  The goat milk product could go rancid during shipping.  Items shipped out of the country may be stopped at Customs.  Customers could wait months before receiving their products.  Some items may be lost and never found.  Sydne Spencer never shipped any goat milk products, overseas, for Customs and rancidity concerns.  All products were only shipped within the USA. 

Contact Information

Give your customers a variety of ways to contact you:  e-mail, phone, address, etc..  Provide a way for customers to leave a message, if you're not available.  Let them know your business days and hours of operation, or best time to reach you.  Get your customer contact information, too.  You may need to contact them for various reasons.


Appreciate your customers.  Be sure to thank them for their order.  Give them a detailed product receipt.  Consider giving repeat customers discounted prices.  Spread the love.  Be honest, patient and kind.  People want to do business with someone who is trustworthy and dependable.  Your trust must be earned, through time, with each transaction.  Word of mouth is the best way to spread the good news about your business.  With good, quality, customer service your business will be thriving soon! 

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