All About Calendula Oil!

Calendula oil is extracted from the petals of the pot marigold plant, by steam distillation.  It's classified as a "macerated" or "infused oil".  Discover benefits of Calendula for babies to adults!

Calendula oil is extracted, by steam distillation, from the petals of a, golden-orange, flower known as the pot marigold.

It has a fresh floral aroma with a range of, light to stronger, herbaceous scents.  It's yellow to amber in color with a thin texture.  It can leave a slight oily feeling on the skin.

Calendula is used in products for babies to adults. It can be directly applied to skin, but should be tested on a small area first.


-- Those with ragweed allergies should avoid.

-- Do not use while pregnant.

-- The essential oil should always be diluted in a carrier oil, soap, lotion or other buffering agent. Essential oils are potent! Never use them straight. Never use large amounts externally or internally. Never use them without knowing what their bioactive compounds are known to do.


ANTISEPTIC & ANTIMICROBIAL: Helps heal wounds, minor cuts, insect bites, bed sores and acne. Reduces spread of bacteria.

ANTI-FUNGAL: Treats ringworm, jock itch and Athletes foot fungus.

ANTI-INFLAMMATORY: Treats vericose veins, leg ulcers and chilblains. (Chilblains is often confused with frostbite. A painful condition caused by exposure to cold and humidity damaging capillary beds in skin.)

SOOTHES, MOISTURIZES, RELIEVES PAIN: Treats eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, dry skin, dry itchy skin, chapped skin, cracked skin, rashes and diaper rash.

SKIN REGENERATIVE: Helps increase collagen levels, aids in diminishing scars, reduces fine lines or wrinkles, helps repair acne scars.

Calendula is used in many different products: soaps, lotions, creams, salves, scrubs, cosmetics and ointments. It is gentle for delicate or sensitive skin. It's used as a base oil for massages and aromatherapy.

CALENDULA RECIPE - Homemade Skin Care

SOOTHE SKIN FROM SUN EXPOSURE (Better Basics for the Home)

-- Heat 1/2 cup avocado oil & small handful of dried organic calendula flowers in a double boiler, on low, for 30 minutes. Cool. Strain out flowers. Stir in 6 tablespoons of aloe vera gel.

-- This skin care recipe has a shelf life of 2 weeks, if refrigerated.

HOW TO MAKE SOAP - (Tips for using Calendula Oil)

Interested in making homemade soap?   Find tips for using Calendula oil.  Learn how to make soap!

Calendula oil is classified as a "macerated" or "infused" oil. 

* There is no such thing as just Calendula oil. *

Calendula is often confused with Tagetes, a part of the marigold family.  Material from the Calendula plant is "infused" into oil and the botanical material is then removed.  The oil is left with some properties of the botanical material.

It's important to know what type of oil the Calendula was infused into, when making homemade soap.  Ask yourself, "Was it infused into Sunflower oil?"  "Olive oil?"  "Coconut oil?"  "What type of oil was used?" 

* You MUST know what type of oil the Calendula was infused into. *  It could change the amount of lye needed in your homemade soap recipes.  The lye difference added or reduced could be substantial.  This could make a difference between a good batch of soap or a batch that flops. 

The infused Calendula, itself, does not affect the lye quantity needed.  It's the type of oil the Calendula was infused into----that makes a difference!

Calendula oil can be expensive.  Use only up to 10% with other carrier oil in your soap recipes.  Calendula blends well with Sweet Almond Oil.

The shelf life is approximately one year. Store in cool, dry, location.

SAPONIFICATION:  190  (Converted to Ounces)
(Soybean Oil, Calendula Flower Extract and Tocopherol)

NaOH: 0.134 oz. / KOH: 0.188

HOMEMADE SOAP RECIPE - (with Calendula Infused Sunflower Oil)
(For a 50 oz. oil recipe)
(Makes 25 bars at 2.75 oz. size)

Palm Oil....           7 oz.
Olive Oil .......       8 oz.
Coconut Oil ......   12 oz.
Shea Butter...        3 oz.
Rice Bran Oil...      9 oz.
Palm Kernel Oil...   6 oz.
Calendula Infused Sunflower Oil .... 5 oz.
Goat Milk …....      19 oz.
Lye… Between  6.97 - 7.20 oz.

SOAP MOLDS:  12" x 11" with 1" deep inside
     LOG MOLD:  12" x 3.5" with 3" deep inside.


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