"Bye, Bye, Back Acne"

by John

I've suffered with back acne for years. It's embarrassing, especially in the Summer months. I dare not wear swimming trunks or show my back in public. I just about gave up finding a cure. I don't like taking pharmacy prescriptions. I'd rather use natural solutions. With all of the garbage on the commercial market shelves, today, using homemade natural remedies seem to be a better idea.

Back acne is hard to reach. So, I decided to make life easier. I made a simple bath soak combining Epsom salts and Sea salts. I soaked three times a week for one month. I didn't expect my back acne to clear immediately, but I hoped for the best!

I'm happy to say my back acne is starting to clear up! I'm not sure how or why it's working. I'm going to continue to soak until it's all gone! I have high hopes and I'm less self-conscience now. I'll be taking those swimming trunks back out of my drawer! I've got my life back again!


NOTE FROM SUSAN: Hi John, I'm so happy your back acne is clearing up. I may shed some light as to why it's starting to clear.

Epsom salts are a natural magnesium sulfate. The sulfates eliminates toxins from the body. Lots of people use Epsom salts to reduce inflammation, relieve itchy skin, relieve muscle strain and back pain.

Sea salts cleanse, exfoliate, get rid of toxins, firm skin tissue, improve blood circulation and more! The highest form of sea salt in the USA is "organically compliant", meaning no additives or caking agents have been added. They are all natural. The USA does not offer "organic" sea salts like other countries, like New Zealand or France, but they do comply with the "organic standards" for a high quality guarantee.

Thanks for your entry! I hope you browse this website, often! You'll find lots of information for healthful skin, hair and scalp conditions. :-)

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