Bunny Coloring Pages
and Fun Activities for Kids!

Free coloring sheets have cool images!  They're original and printable!  Find fun kids games too!

Bunny coloring pages are original and printable. These bunny images were designed, specifically, for this website.  You won't find these free coloring sheets anywhere else! Use colored pencils, crayons, markers or paint to form your own artistic creation.

This website is a fun, educational and informational place for kids and adults. So, I've dedicated an entire section just for free coloring sheets. Use them as party decorations, hang them around the house, give as gifts. Kids can be proud of their colorful creation(s)!


LEFT CLICK to view. Then click OK.  Print.

RIGHT CLICK. Next click "OPEN LINK IN NEW WINDOW." Click OK. Download & Print.

You may want to cut and paste these bunny images too. Paste them to a colorful bag or basket for extra decoration.

Bunny and Carrots
Bunny Holding Carrot
Bunny Hopping
Bunnies in Carrot Patch
Bunny in Hat

Bunny coloring pages are just some of the cool images on this website. Here, you'll find a large variety of printable, free coloring sheets!  They're for visitors just like you!


Bunny coloring pages are fun activities for kids!  Find fun kids games too!


What do bunnies like to eat?
Where do bunnies sleep?
What age do bunnies leave their mother?
Why are rabbits also called bunnies?
Are wild bunnies the same as pet bunnies?

(Try to find the answers on your own.)

Have you seen the "Tale of Peter Rabbit" by Beatrix Potter?

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