All About Boer Goats!

Boer goats are large framed, bulky, animals.  They're hardy, intelligent, adaptable and easily managed.  Find tips for goat care and raising goats. Get the Boer facts!

Boer goats are one of the most common goat breeds in the USA.  Their name comes from a Dutch word meaning "farmer".  Their origin is from African indigenous, Indian, Angora and European ancestry.


Boers are large framed, bulky, animals.  They're the largest of the goat breeds.  Mature does can weigh 190 - 230 pounds.  Mature bucks can weigh 200 - 340 pounds.  They will produce more muscling in less time than any other goat breed.  This capability is passed on to their kids.  They have a rapid growth rate and high fertility level.  They can breed throughout the year and reach sexual maturity at five months old.

Boers, commonly, have white bodies and brown heads with long ears.  Some can be completely white or brown.  They are hardy, intelligent, adaptable and easily managed.  They browse pastures maintaining control of weeds, brush, greenbrier and brambles.  Their reputation for weed control is desirable, since time and money doesn't need to be used for chemical sprays.  These sprays can be damaging to the environment.

Boers are good milkers, but mostly they're raised for meat production or show goats.  With their intelligent and pleasant personality, they're popular as pets, too!  Boers raised for meat production are, typically, found on pastures. or countryside.  Boers for show are bred to be larger than normal size to meet specific visual appearances.  Although, they're raised differently than those for meat production, they really aren't that different.  Show goats are bred to present to the public with their best characteristics.

Boer goats thrive in bright and hot climates.  Get the Boer facts!

Boers thrive well in bright and hot climates.  They enjoy the Mediterranean, tropical, sub-tropical and semi-desert regions.  They have a high resistance to disease.


If you're interested in purchasing Boers, contact a breeders association or ranch in your area.  You may find a herd reduction sale.  Decide if you want a full blood registered stock or a percentage stock.  Full bloods have a higher value.  They can cost thousands of dollars purchased from breeders of small acreages. Ask questions and observe the goat(s) well.  Whether or buying or selling Boers, you'll find these websites helpful:

Boer goats are celebrated at Rock Creek Park in Lewisburg, TN!  Goats, Music and More is a country jam festival, fun for kids and adults!

Attend Goats, Music and More, a country jam festival held annually in October.  Buy and sell Boers!  Attend or enter your goat in a show!  Boers are celebrated here! 

Find fun activities for kids and adults!  Kids play games, ride ponies, make crafts, stop by the petting zoo and more!  Adults can attend the 5K Goat Gallop, shop the booths for arts and crafts, attend concerts and more!  This country jam festival is located at Rock Creek Park, 505 North Ellington, Pkwy., Lewisburg, TN.  FREE admission!  It's fun for the whole family! You just may take home Boer goats as pets!

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