Finding the Best Dog Shampoo!

Natural goat milk soap can be the best dog shampoo!  Your pet can have healthful skin and a beautiful shiny coat, just like Data!

The best dog shampoo is one that is mild and gentle.  It should cleanse, condition, nourishing skin and hair. It should be a natural flea repellent.

CAUTION!  Some commercial pet products cause damage to skin and hair!  Discover signs of discomfort and ways to protect your pet. 

Your dog can have healthier skin with a beautiful shiny coat.  "Data", (seen right), is my beautiful pride and joy!

As an animal lover, I enjoy sharing natural pet care information with you!

Commercial products may contain harsh ingredients, powerful essential oils or harsh irritants causing poor skin conditions.  Skin may become dry, itchy, irritated or inflamed.  Rashes or allergies may develop.  Clumps of residue may build up on the skin's surface, causing blocked pores.  Your dog's body could become overheated, leading to a heat stroke.  Residue is difficult to see on furry or long-haired dogs. 

Does your dog scratch, continually?  Discover dog grooming tips!  Find natural pet grooming supplies!

Dogs show signs of skin discomfort differently. They may scratch or bite their skin.  Skin may develop open sores, scratches or cuts.  If ignored, skin infections could set in. Constant scratching may indicate that your dog has fleas.  A veterinary prescribed medication may be needed.

Your dog may pant or drink water, frequently.  These are signs of dehydration or being overheated.

Cleanse, condition and nourish your pet's skin and hair!   This homemade shampoo is a natural flea repellent!  It has vitamins A, B, C, D, E and K!


Unscented natural goats milk soap is healthful for pets.  This goats milk soap leaves skin close to its natural ph level.  This natural homemade shampoo is moisturizing.  It contains natural vitamins A, B, C, D, E and K!  It nourishes skin, gently cleans, leaving hair soft and shiny.  This homemade soap is a natural flea repellent!  Avoid harsh chemicals! 

Unscented natural goat milk soap is beneficial for pregnant or seizure prone animals.  It's beneficial for sensitive skin.  A soothing, rich, creamy, lathering goat milk soap may be perfect for your pet!

Use a soap that is easy to hold while bathing your pet.  Pets can be squirmy.  Some soaps come attached to a rope for placement around your wrist.  Use a soap size easy to grip while washing your pet.  After soaping, rinse your pet thoroughly with clean water. 

CAUTION!  Never apply hot blow dryer close to your pet's skin.  You can burn or blister skin, easily.  Either air dry, towel dry or use blow dryer at a good distance away from skin and hair on low, cool or air dry settings.  Make the bathing, drying and grooming experience pleasurable. 

Before brushing look for areas of skin irritation.  A brush gliding over irritated skin could be miserable.  The skin of your pet needs to breathe, without blocked pores.  If you catch a clump of residue or hair, you'll probably hear a "yipe".  Gently brush hair getting down to tangled hair clumps.  Often clumps are found behind the ears, near the tail area or close to the body.  Seek the help of a professional groomer, if needed. 

An unscented, natural, homemade shampoo can be gentle for cats.  Learn cautions of bathing cats!

CAUTION!  Cats have very thin skin.  They should never use harsh commercial soaps, especially those containing essential oils.  An unscented natural goat milk soap, with no added fragrance, can be gentle for cats.

(Natural Goat Milk Soap Can Be the Best Dog Shampoo!)

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