Finding the Best Crock Pot!
Making Homemade Soap!

Find the best crock pot for making homemade soap!  Learn hot process soap making tips!

Finding the best crock pot can be a chore.  This slow cooking appliance maintains a relative low temperature compared to baking, boiling or frying.  Crock pot cooking is suitable for making pot roast, beef stew, chili and many other foods. 

On this page, I'll explain a different way to use the crock pot, making homemade soap!

Crock pots are made of glazed ceramic or porcelain.  This kitchen appliance comes in different sizes, shapes, colors, styles and brands.  It has manual dials or electronic controls.

Crock pots with see-thru lids make it easy to watch contents, as it cooks.  The heating element heats from the bottom and, partially, up the sides.  Contents are kept warm for an extended amount of time.

The crock pot may be electronically programmable.   Program the time for the contents to start and finish cooking.  You can have ready to eat meals, at the perfect serving temperature, when you come home from work or school.  

Use crock pots at home, in RV’s, take camping, to gatherings, or to other social events. Some crock pots have locking lids, carry handles and travel bags to prevent spills. Use them for large groups, small groups, for a family of one or two. If you have a soap making business, the portability of a crock pot is convenient for demonstrations.

Clean up is easy with a crock pot.  It has removable stoneware that is dishwasher safe or can be washed in the sink. Be careful not to burn your hands when removing the inner stoneware.  It can get very hot. Turn it off, unplug it and let it cool before cleaning.  Keep the power cord away from water. After cleaning, it’s easily stored in a cabinet or on a shelf.  It can be left out on a counter top until it’s used again.

Caution!  Wear rubber gloves when making homemade soap!  Learn hot process soap making tips!
Caution!  Use long handle spoons for making homemade soap!  Learn hot process soap making tips!
Find the best crock pot for making homemade soap!  Avoid disasters!  Find hot process soap making tips.  A soapmaker shares her story!

When making homemade soap the best crock pot is one that is twice the size of its contents. Watch out for hot popping soap bubbles.

Hot process soap making causes bubbles to pop.  Be sure to use the lid to cover hot splattering soap.  When mixing or stirring, wear gloves to protect your hands and arms from bubbling hot soap.  Also, consider using a long handled wooden spoon to give distance between you and the hot soap.  Never leave your cooking soap unattended.  Be aware of the temperature of your soap making oils.  Avoid disasters!  Have you read this, "My Three Doozies" hot process soap making story?  This soap maker had a crock pot mess!

Crock pots are wonderful appliances for hot process soap making recipes.  They're convenient for teaching how to make soap!  They're durable, easy to use and clean.  They're perfect for making homemade soap.  A crock pot is just one piece of soap making equipment.  A roaster oven is used for hot process soap making, too.  Soaping equipment saves time, money and energy!

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