Benefits of Sea Salt
and Homemade Skin Care!

The benefits of sea salt are numerous!  Soothe dry itchy skin, detox your body and more!  Natural sea salt contains over one hundred minerals.  Find homemade skin care recipes!

Discover the benefits of sea salt! Sea salt comes from extracting water from oceans or saline lakes, allowing natural water evaporation (by sun and wind), leaving salts behind. Natural sea salt is unrefined and hand harvested. It contains more than one hundred minerals. Some minerals include: sodium, magnesium, calcium, potassium, bromide and trace amounts of iodine. About every mineral on Earth is found in sea salt!

Here, you'll learn the benefits and difference between natural sea salt, table salt, Dead Sea salt, Epsom salt and organic salt.

Reular ytable salt differs from natural sea salt.  It is heavily processed stripping away important minerals.

Natural Sea Salt vs. Table Salt

Natural sea salt has more minerals, less sodium and significantly less iodine than regular table salt. Regular table salt is mined from salt deposits in the Earth. It is heavily processed, stripping away important minerals, leaving sodium and chloride. Anti-caking agents are added to table salt.

Table salt is "artificially" iodized unlike natural sea salt with trace amounts of "natural" iodine. Iodine is an important chemical element since the body needs it but cannot make it. It is the basis of all nutrients to regulate metabolism. Without it, all of the systems in the body could become sluggish. Iodine kills fungus, bacteria and other microorganisms.

Table salt is known for its white color but sea salt can vary in colors including white, black, pink, or grey. The minerals left behind in sea salt is responsible for the color and flavor. Textures of sea salt can vary from extra fine to coarse.

Dead Sea salts contain highly concentrated minerals.  They are not for consumption but but therapeutic or beauty purposes.  Discover the benefits of sea salts!

Natural Sea Salt vs. Dead Sea Salt

Regular sea salt differs from Dead Sea salt. The minerals in the Dead Sea are highly concentrated, more than anywhere else on Earth. Dead Sea salts contain similar minerals as regular sea salts but the sodium content is much lower. Dead Sea has only 10% sodium and 90% minerals! Dead Sea salts are not for consumption but for therapeutic or beauty purposes. Some minerals include: magnesium, bromide, sulfur, potassium, calcium, sodium and zinc. Authentic Dead Sea salts are harvested from the southern part, raw, natural and unrefined. They are not pure white but off white, instead. Dead Sea salts vary in texture from extra fine to coarse.

Epsom salts are not a food additive like sea salt.  Use it for softening water, plant supplement, laxative or bath soak.  Soothes dry itchy skin, reduce inflammation and relieve painful arthritis and sore muscles.

Natural Sea Salt vs. Epsom Salt

Epsom salt is a natural magnesium sulfate. It is obtained through a crystallization and purification process with a high magnesium content. It is used for softening water, a plant supplement, laxative or bath soak. It is not a food additive like natural sea salt. Epsom salts are often used to soothe back pain, muscle strain, relieve inflammation, relieve dry itchy skin, reduce irritability, improve sleep and concentration. The sulfates eliminate toxins from the body.

Organic Sea Salt

The USA does not recognize "organic" salt, yet. The USDA classifies salt as a mineral. New Zealand and France do offer "certified organic" salts. These certifications are stringent with a high quality guarantee. Only very clean sea waters are used. There is no purification, chemical additives or processing allowed. Sea salt is harvested with non-pollutant equipment. The highest form of salt in the USA is "organically compliant", meaning no additives or caking agents have been added. They are all natural and comply with "organic standards".


Reduce Cellulite
Firm Skin Tissue
Get Rid of Toxins
Reduce Inflammation
Eliminate Aches & Pains
Improve Blood Circulation
Combats Water Retention; aids weight loss
Relieve Muscle Tension, Stress & Anxiety
Relieve Arthritic Conditions; (rheumatoid, psoriatic and osteoarthritis)


CAUTION! Be sure to use extra fine or fine grained sea salt in all homemade skin care recipes. You want sea salt that is smooth to the touch, not pointy with sharp edges. You want to "gently" cleanse and exfoliate skin not scratch or irritate it. (This includes the scalp.)

-- Homemade Face Mask: Make a light weight paste out of fine grained natural sea salt and water. Gently rub with circular motions over face, avoiding eyes and any sensitive areas. Leave on approx.10 minutes. Thoroughly rinse and gently pat dry. This will cleanse pores, exfoliate dead skin cells and remove toxins from skin. Dirt, impurities and pollutants are drawn out of skin. The depth of wrinkles are reduced. Puffy inflammation is reduced and over time skin becomes firm. Dry itchy skin is soothed. Especially good for acne, eczema and psoriasis.

-- Homemade Body Scrub: Mix together 1 cup fine grained natural sea salt, 1 1/4 cup safflower oil and approx. 10 drops of essential oil of choice. Store mixture in glass jar. Take one handful of mixture and gently massage over entire body while showering. Avoid eyes and all sensitive areas. Thoroughly rinse with water. Gently pat dry. Cleanse, exfoliate, detoxify and soften skin. Relieve dry, oily or dry itchy skin.

-- Stress Relieving Soak: Add 16 ounces of fine grained natural sea salt to regular bath water. Add 2 drops of lavender, peppermint and Roman chamomile essential oils. Cleanse, detoxify and soften skin. Great to relax and relieve anxiety and stress. (Stress, alone, can cause skin problems).

-- Pain Relieving Soak: Add 16 ounces of fine grained natural sea salt to regular bath water. Add 2 drops peppermint, 2 drops of eucalyptus and 2 drops of wintergreen essential oils. Cleanse, detoxify and soften skin. Reduce inflammation and painful sore muscles.

The benefits of sea salt is found in commercial and homemade skin care products: soaps, lotions and scrubs. Other benefits of sea salt are thought to stimulate hair re-growth, by rubbing into scalp.

* NOTE * - Before beginning any new treatment for the skin, hair or scalp it is always advised to consult your health care provider.

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