Benefits of Coffee!
DIY Coffee Recipes!

Ripe coffee berries are picked, processed and dried for seeds inside.   Discover how to make coffee!  Find the best coffee makers!   Discover benefits of coffee for body and skin!  Coffee recipes!

Discover benefits of coffee for the body and skin, plus much more!

Coffee plants are cultivated in Latin America, Southeast Asia and Africa.  Ripe coffee berries are picked, processed and dried yielding seeds inside.  For desired flavor, seeds are roasted to varying degrees, then ground and brewed to make the coffee you drink. 

There are numerous studies on how coffee affects human health.  It’s controversial since coffee is beneficial in some ways but in other ways, worsens symptoms of health conditions.  These are topics you’ll find here:

-  Best Coffee Makers
-  How to Make Coffee 
-  How to Store Coffee
-  Coffee Drinking Tips
-  Coffee and Skin Care
-  Delicious Coffee Recipes
-  Health Benefits and Risks
-  Coffee Face Mask Recipes
-  Coffee/How to Make Soap

Find the best coffee makers!  How to make coffee with delicous recipes!  Benefits of coffee for body and skin!


Top Rated Coffee Makers
(by Good Housekeeping)
Coffeemaker Buying Guide (by Consumer Reports)


How to Make Coffee
How to Brew Coffee
How to Store Coffee
9 Rules - How to Make a Perfect Cup of Coffee


Top Rated Coffee Recipes

Benefits of coffee for body and skin!  Tips for drinking coffee!  Delicious coffee recipes!


- Choose Organic Coffee
- Avoid Instant Coffee, if possible
- Avoid Coffee Beans Roasted at High Temperatures
- Grind Coffee at Home and Drink Soon Afterwards for Freshest Results   Inner part of coffee beans can go rancid if exposed to oxygen and moisture.  The antioxidants begin to oxidize immediately after grinding.
- Limit Intake of Coffee and Drink After a Meal, not Before 
Drinking coffee, on empty stomach, can cause a sharp drop in blood sugar.

- International Coffee Day is an annual event observed on September 29th in many countries, around the world!  On this day, some businesses offer FREE or discounted cups of coffee.  Some have special coupons.  You may want to mark your calendar ahead of time so you don't miss out! 

Benefits of coffee!  How to make coffee!  How to store coffee!  Finding the best coffee makers!


- Reduce Weight
- High Antioxidants
- Improve Alertness
- Acute Anti-depressant
- Improve Vascular Function
- Reduce Risk of:  Alzheimer’s Disease, Dementia, Parkinson’s Disease, Diabetes Type 2, Cirrhosis  Gout, Gallstones and Kidney Stones


- Absorbs Iron in Stomach
- Can Irritate Stomach Lining
- Increase Risk of Osteoporosis
- Increase Risk of High Cholesterol
- May Cause Acid Reflux or Heartburn
- Inhibits Kidneys to Retain Calcium, Zinc and Magnesium
- Increase Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, Tension and Anxiety
   (with large consumption)
- Chronic Caffeine Use and Withdrawal May Cause Headaches.
- Coffee Beans Roasted at High Temperatures can contain Acrylamide,
(a cancer causing substance.
)  The darker the roast, the higher the Acrylamide.  Instant coffee has more amounts of Acrylamide than brewed.

Drinking coffee, for a long term, can affect your skin.  Tainted skin cells may lead to acne or worsen, pre-existing, conditions.  Discover risks and benefits of coffee for the body and skin!


Coffee has a rich source of antioxidants, quinines, which become more potent after roasting. 

Antioxidants inhibit oxidation.  They’re the body’s friend.  They seek out, neutralize and destroy free radicals.  They boost the immune system, keeping it healthy/strong.

Free radicals can result in the onset of many diseases.  They speed up the aging process and reduce oxygen levels in cells. They may lead to skin wrinkling, pre-cancerous and cancerous lesions.  They can seriously affect the immune system and threaten our vitality.

According to WebMD, researchers are now trying to figure out if topical caffeine protects human skin.  In a study, caffeine was applied to mice skin.  Sun damage was reversed and risk of skin cancer was reduced.

Coffee contains Tannin, a chemical that removes hydration and blocks skin pores.  Drinking coffee, long term, can cause skin to be rough and brittle.

Long term use of coffee can block the liver with toxins, preventing blood purification.  Impure blood can taint skin cells, resulting in the possible development of liver spots as you age.  Tainted skin cells can also lead to acne or worsen pre-existing acne conditions.

Drinking high amounts of coffee, for a long duration, dehydrates the body.  Skin becomes dried out.  Drinking water hydrates/replenishes skin cells.

Coffee grounds are used for making homemade soap!  Get rid of  dry itchy skin!   Reduce cellulite!  Learn how to make soap!

DIY COFFEE RECIPES  - (Homemade Skin Care)

Benefits of Coffee - Making Homemade Soap

What are the benefits of coffee in homemade soap?  Grind coffee beans, finely, to exfoliate skin and help reduce cellulite!  Add peppermint or other essential oil of choice.  This homemade soap, with coffee grounds, cleanses, gets rid of "itchies" and reduces cellulite.  It’s a great soap for those who work outside or garden.  A goat milk soap with coffee grounds and peppermint oil soothes dry, itchy, skin.  Learn how to make soap!

Reduce puffiness and brighten skin!  DIY coffee face mask recipes!  Discover benefits of coffee for body and skin!

Coffee Face Mask Recipe # 1:  (Reduce Puffiness/Brighten Skin)
(Use organic ingredients for best results)

Finely grind approx. 4 tbsp. coffee beans.  Place in bowl.  Add approx. 4 tbsp. unsweetened cocoa powder.  Mix together.  Add approx. 8 tbsp. unflavored yogurt.  Mix all ingredients until a thick paste forms.  Add approx. 2 tbsp. honey for dry skin OR lemon juice for oily skin.  (To allow honey to mix well, it may need warming.)  Add paste to clean face.  Avoid eyes, ears, nose, mouth or any sensitive area.  Allow homemade face mask to dry.  Next, wet washcloth and place on face.  Do not rub face.  Mask will begin to loosen up.  Rinse face with warm water.  Gently pat dry.

Honey and Coffee Facial Mask Recipe # 2:  (by WikiHow)
(Benefits of Coffee with Honey for Skin)

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