Benefits of Coconut Water
and Homemade Recipes!

Coconut water is a clear liquid with a light texture.  Rich in vitamin B and potassium!  Low calorie, fat-free, cholesterol-free, high fiber!  Benefits of coconut water!  Homemade recipes!

Benefits of coconut water!  What's all the buzz about? 

Coconut water is a naturally sterile, clear liquid with a light consistency.  This popular drink is on market shelves around the world.  Many companies sell it as a natural sports drink.

Discover benefits for the body, skin and hair with homemade recipes!

Coconut water has vitamin B benefits!   It has more potassium than four bananas!  Discover benefits of coconut water for the body, skin, hair and scalp!  Find homemade recipes!
Discover benefits of coconut water!  It's nutrient rich, packed with vitamin B benefits!  It has more potassium than four bananas!  Find homemade recipes!

The brand can affect the taste of coconut water. ZICO and Vita Coco brands taste sweet with a mild coconut flavor.  Other brands may yield a stronger flavor or have fruit juices infused.  Read labels closely to see what you’re buying.  Look for organic coconut water. 

Coconut water is naturally sterile, clear in color, with a light consistency.  It's rich in vitamin B and potassium!  Find homemade recipes for the body, skin, hair and scalp!

Young green coconuts are harvested from trees.  A hole is bored out of the outer coconut shell, penetrating the inner husk.  A spray of liquid or air may be released when the inner husk is penetrated.  Young coconuts have more water than older coconuts.  Shake coconuts before opening to determine water content.

Mature coconuts are dark brown in color, unlike young green coconuts.  Young coconuts contain more water than older ones.  Discover benefits of coconut water!  Find homemade recipes!

Distinguish the age of coconuts by color.  Mature coconuts are dark brown in color. 

Store coconuts at room temperature for 5 to 10 days.  Store in refrigerator if not used immediately.  Once opened, its water taste sour due to high enzyme activity.  Bottled water has a shelf life of 2 years.


Fat Free
94% Water
Low Calories
High in Fiber
Nutrient Rich
Cholesterol Free
Anti-Viral, Anti-Microbial
Rich with Vitamin B Benefits
Anti-Fungal, Anti-Inflammatory
Rich in Potassium; (more than 4 bananas)
Contains Essential Electrolytes: 
(calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, sodium)

There's no evidence coconut water causes side effects, but further study is yet to be conducted.  Coconut water seems as safe as vegetable or fruit juices.

Coconut water isn’t just for consumption.  It's used topically for skin, hair and scalp conditions.  It has been used in extreme emergencies, as a substitute in IV solutions, to rehydrate the human body.  It was used as a replacement for human plasma back in World War 2. 

Improve cardiovascular health!  Raise HDL, good cholesterol!  Lower blood pressure!  Improve circulation!  Discover benefits of coconut water!


-  Detoxify
-  Settle Stomach
-  Increase Energy
-  Reduce Swelling
-  Suppress Appetite
-  Prevent Indigestion
-  Reduce Acid Reflux
-  Improve Circulation
-  Balances Electrolytes
-  Prevent Kidney Stones
-  Boost Immune System
-  Protect Against Cancer
-  Reduce Risk of Strokes
-  Reduce Blood Pressure
-  Strengthen Connective Tissue
-  Raise HDL, (good cholesterol)
-  Improve Cardiovascular Health
-  Ultimate Hydrator, 2nd to water
-  Prevent Cramps, Muscle Spasms
-  Reduce Stress, Anxiety, Depression
-  Contains Vitamin B (riboflavin, thiamine, pantothenic acid)

Discover benefits of coconut water for skin!  Find homemade skin care tips and homemade recipes!


- Soften
- Moisturize
- Natural Glow
- Reduce Oily Skin
- Improve Skin Tone
- Prevent Acne (blackheads, pimples, blemishes)
- Combat Free Radicals; (fade dark spots, discolorations, fine lines, wrinkles, dullness)

HOMEMADE RECIPES - (Homemade Skin Care Tips)

RECIPE # 1:  (Moisturize, Natural Glow)
Soak cotton pads in coconut water and apply to face.  Leave on for 30 minutes. Remove cotton pads.

RECIPE # 2:  (Hydrate)
Mix 1 tbsp. coconut water and lentils into paste.  Apply paste to skin.  Leave on about 2 minutes.  Rinse with pure water.  Gently pat dry.

RECIPE # 3:  (Brighten and Lighten)
Mix a few drops of coconut water with few drops of lemon.  Apply to skin.  Gently pat dry.

RECIPE # 4:  (Prevent Acne Break-Outs)
Wash face daily with coconut water. 
Add to bath water. Treat acne on back or hard to reach places.

RECIPE # 5:  (Improve Overall Complexion)
Drink coconut water or splash on face, as needed.

Improve hair and scalp conditions!  Discover benefits of coconut water!  Find homemade recipes!


-  Moisturize
-  Condition Hair
-  Increase Hair Density
-  Strengthen Hair Follicles
-  Prevent Hair Breakage
-  Add Shine, Softness and Smoothness


DIRECTIONS:  Wash your hair with coconut water!  Massage hair and scalp to improve circulation, strengthening hair follicles. Coconut water easily penetrates the hair shaft.  Shield hair proteins, protect hair roots and protect against hair breakage.  Add shine, softness, manageability.

Discover benefits of coconut water!  Juicing recipes!  Smoothie recipes!

(Improve Overall Health of Body, Skin and Hair)

Coconut water, banana, blueberries, raspberries, almond butter.

Coconut water, strawberries, banana, blueberries, peanut butter.

Coconut water, carrots, kale, cucumber, spinach, strawberries, apples.


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