Benefits of Castor Oil!

Castor Oil is cold pressed from the seeds of the Ricinus Communis flowering plant.

The benefits of Castor oil are numerous! This oil is cold pressed from the seeds of the Ricinus Communis, flowering, plant.  This plant grows in tropical regions including the Mediterranean Basin, Eastern Africa and India. It has glossy, notched-shaped, leaves of purple or reddish brown. Its flowers do not have petals but have spikes of yellowish-green or red colors. It bears spiny fruit with shiny, large, oval seeds, similar to the shape of beans. The seeds are highly poisonous, if eaten. They're rich in triglycerides, especially ricinolein and have a toxic protein, ricin.

Castor Oil is a pale yellow vegetable oil, with no odor or flavor. It is a triglyceride with ricinoleic, oleic and linoleic acids. Ricinoleic acid is the main component with anti-inflammatory properties. Oleic and linoleic are both essential fatty acids. Oleic is an unsaturated, omega 9, fatty acid. Linoelic is an, omega 6, fatty acid. Both essential fatty acids are necessary for good health. They're essential for body, biological, functions. The body cannot produce them, itself. they must be found elsewhere.

Castor Oil is a natural emollient. It has been used for thousands of years. Today it's found in everyday products including: soaps, shampoos, massage oils, textiles, medicines, foods, pharmaceuticals and more.

The benefits of Castor Oil are found in homemade shampoo.  Soften hair and improve dry itchy scalp conditions.


HAIR & SCALP CARE: Use for dry itchy scalp conditions. It penetrates, quickly, softening hair and moisturizing the scalp. It's, even, beneficial for treating hair loss. Find Castor Oil in commercial and homemade shampoo!

TIP: Massage a couple of drops into your favorite commercial or homemade shampoo, prior to washing. Soften hair. Soothe dry scalp.

The benefits of Castor Oil are found in homemade soap!  Soften, hydrate and nourish skin!  Relieve dry itchy skin conditions!

SKIN CARE: It penetrates skin, quickly, stimulating the production of collagen and elastin. It softens, hydrates and nourishes skin. Due to these properties, it's beneficial used in soaps, face care or preventative wrinkle creams. It helps skin maintain a youthful appearance.

TIP: First cleanse skin with mild soap and water. Apply a few drops, twice a day, to maintain soft and supple skin. Gently massage into area where soothing and softening desired.

RELIEVE PAIN: Gently massage Castor Oil into joints and muscles. It relieves pain and stiffness associated with arthritis and rheumatism.

TIP: Make Castor Oil packs by saturating flannel then cover with plastic. Apply low heat to increase penetration. Place over affected area.

Many skin conditions benefit from using Caster Oil including: sunburns, ringworm, minor abrasions, inflammation, acne, dry itchy skin, scaly skin, sensitive skin, eczema, psoriasis, stretch marks, age spots, Athlete's Foot Fungus, Rheumatoid arthritis, stiff joints and more.

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